Education in India

Education in India

Education is the stepping stone for high flying Career. Education system in India is of dates back where the children’s were taught in Gurukuls and the Guru-Shishya system was the means of education. Indian education system was improved when universities like Nalanda, Takshashila, Ujjain and Vikramshila came into existence. Education system in India is managed and controlled government well, providing education to all without any discrimination had become the priority of the government.

Indian constitution has committed to provide free and compulsory education to the children’s upto the age of fourteen. Right to education is the fundamental right of the citizen where education is mandatory for the all children’s of age group 6-14 years.

As per the world bank report in India there are more than 7,40,000 formal schools; more than 3.6 million teachers are working on full time basis; there are more than 175 Universities offering under graduate level and post graduate courses and about 6000 colleges affiliated to these universities.

Education is designed by the state where government is responsibility for quality education. Presently India is blessed with various schools, colleges, universities and other institutions in India which are providing quality education to the students. From the past several years India is producing many talent professional who are best in the world and working hard for the Nations growth and are in great demand. This shows the strength of Indian education system.

Present education in India

Indian education system is divided into different levels such as pre-primary level, primary level, elementary education, secondary education, under graduate and postgraduate level. The foundation of education in India is primary or elementary education later to it the students get into secondary level, undergraduate level and post graduate level are the higher education levels.

Education Governing Bodies
Equality in Woman Education by Education system in India

In modern days woman literacy as become an important task. Without any discrimination woman are provided education since they make half of the population. To bring woman at par with man government of India is doing at a lot good work. Certain measures are taken by government of India to provided equal education to woman.

Education in mother tongue

In various languages education is provided in India as per once mother tongue one can opt for preferred language. Second language is acting as the tool to gain deeper understanding of language and to use it effectively. Thus, second language is helping the students to learn more then one language.

Well-known Educational Institutes in India:

Some of the educational institutes in India which can compete with the best educational institutes in the world are Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) , Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) ), Indian Institutes of Science, National Law Schools, Jawaharlal Nehru University are some such institutes.

Education for working professional and house wife

The professional who are engaged in job or personal life and due to various reasons who were not able to complete their education Distance Education is the well liked education in India for working people and house wife’s.

Financial aid is also provided by Education system of India

The financial aid in the form of Scholarship is provided to the candidates at different level of education such as under graduate, Post graduate, doctorate or post doctorate level through which economically backward candidate can gain their aimed Career. Scholarship not only acts as the source of financial aid to the students, but also act has awareness about education among various people.

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