Education Board in Haryana

Education Board in Haryana

The education board of Haryana was incorporated in the year 1969. The board was having it�s headquarter in Haryana. But soon it was shifted to Bhiwani in January 1981. Haryana Education Board was started with the staff member of just 100 officials. All the staff members of the officials were taken from Punjab University . Haryana Education Board has conducted their first examination of Matriculation level in the year 1970. Just after the year 1976, the Haryana education board has conducted their middle level examination.

Examination in Haryana Education Board

Today Haryana Education Board is endowed with more than 800 employees in officer grade. They are all appointed to examine 10 lakh to 1 million candidates in examination control board. Haryana Education Board has got strict disciplinary measure to make fair decision about each and every student giving their examination. If the student is found to cheat the examiners by doing malpractices, people from Haryana Education Board have all the rights to expel him from the examination venue.

Quality education in Haryana Education Board

Along with maintaining reliability in an examination venue, Haryana Education Board is also having an emphasis to provide the overall improvement of quality. The directors of Haryana Education Board have make innovations to improve the way of examination in school and colleges. The main objective of the organization will be to curb unfair practices. Recently various facts have been laid down with the malpractices carried out in school education. Very strict punishment is laid down by the authority of Haryana Education Board; so that students cannot dare to carry on with such unfair practices again.

Use of information technology

Today, information technology is an important part of each and every education. Haryana Education Board has realised the fact instantly. Today, school and colleges are looked as if they are one of the technologically savvy organizations. Haryana Education Board checks the laboratory instruments of the science labs. If all the instruments are in proper order, the Haryana Education Board provides affiliation to the particular educational institute. May it be a school or a colleges, you must have strict rule to comply with the same.

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