Education Board in Assam

Education Board in Assam

Assam education board was established under Assam secondary education act 1961. This act was passed so that the board of secondary education can be established. Assam education board has all the authority to supervise and regulate the systems under this board. Even if the act was in papers in the year 1961, but it came to be in effect from 29th of January 1962. On 14th of March 1962 Board of secondary education in Assam came to be in existence. Assam education board have got various histories which is really important to be established with a clean view.

Jurisdiction of Assam Education Board

The jurisdiction of SEBA is within the state of Assam. This also comprises of the entire north east region of the nation. The provinces such as Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Arunachal Pradesh were under the same education system. But as and when the provinces are separated, Assam education board was able to reduce its burden. These provinces have established their own board. But, there was a time when all these provinces were not created and the students of those place got education from Assam education board.

Higher education mandatory under Assam Education Board

In order to reduce the burden of illiteracy, government of Assam had passed an act. Under this act, all the students who have completed their primary education must take up higher education under Assam education board. Thus, different Universities in Assam have got various courses so that students can take up any subject and built their career.

Different schemes under Assam Education Board

The department that runs Assam education board have 71 officers and directorate to carry on with various tasks. Their most important activity is to release funds to universities. Assam education board have got authority to create posts. Appointment of staff members as well as disbursal of payment to employees is also the duty of executive members in Assam education board. Annual grants and publication of books is also one of the responsibilities of Assam education board. The students scoring highest marks in a colleges and universities are provided with scholarships and awards.

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