Education Board in Goa

Education Board in Goa

Goa is regarded as the smallest state in India. This has just an area of 3702 km2. This state is located at western coast of our country India. Since it shares its Northern boundary Maharashtra and eastern as well as southern boundary with Karnataka, the state has got the influence of both the states situated in its two coasts. The scenario of education in Goa needs to be considered by every parents providing education under Goa Education Board.

School education under Goa Education board

Betterment of education system in Goa has been added due to the contribution of state run schools in Goa. Schools under Goa Education board are having a good demand. Schools under private ownership are not in a good demand. People of Goa are really happy due to the performance of the teaching staff and the students studying in Government school which is under Goa Education board. You will be able to have a view of 2153 schools in Goa that is concerned with secondary, middle and primary level of education. Most of these schools are affiliated under Goa Education board.

Higher education under Goa Education board

A good quality is even maintained by the higher education schools that run under Goa Education board. Goa University is regarded as the premier centre from where people from various parts of the nation get education. Goa Education board has laid down a strict vigilance with regards to the admission procedure. Only based on performance, the students are taken top this education board. People willing take up career in different field can definitely make a deviation and concentrate on the fields such as hotel management, fisheries, marine engineering, pharmacy, dentistry etc. Goa Education board is launching more courses based on the demand of students. The courses are quite huge in numbers which can be taken up by limited students having a good performance. A strict admission test is taken up for such courses so as to see whether the students can carry on with the courses in further. Whether the expectation of bright future will be fulfilled is also checked by Goa Education board.

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