Education Board in Jharkhand

Jharkhand Education Board

The examinations conducted throughout Jharkhand in various schools and colleges are conducted by Jharkhand Education Board. The examination board include Jharkhand secondary education board, Jharkhand Madarsa Examination board, Jharkhand intermediate examination board etc.

Education system in Jharkhand

Children with 5 years age are considered to be eligible for school goers. All the schools and colleges in Jharkhand are having three category, Jharkhand Education Board, ICSE board and CBSE board. People willing to take admission in Jharkhand can be a student any one board as mentioned. The education system in Jharkhand Education Board is really fair and strict. The medium of instruction in schools and colleges under Jharkhand Education Board is Hindi.

Special schemes under Jharkhand Education Board

Few years before, people did not use to regard education under Jharkhand Education Board to be proper and effective. But in few years this confusion has been eradication. The government have increased the standard of education after including qualified teachers and staff members in their educational institute. Today government of Jharkhand is undertaking project like �Sarva shiksha abhiyan�. Education Board under this project has made the primary education necessary for all children till 14 years of their age. This scheme has been adopted by the government of Jharkhand along with Jharkhand Education Board to provide universalize primary education.

Some history about education in Jharkhand

Jharkhand is regarded as the 28th state among the Indian union. This was regarded as a state under Bihar previously. But, now this new state has become the most industrialized region of the nation. Due to industrialization as well as innovations in the field of education under Jharkhand Education Board, the state has become more influential. Today, people from various cities come to get education under Jharkhand Education Board. Even you can get facilities of getting education from Jharkhand Education Board under distance learning. Even if you are not in Jharkhand you can definitely learn under Jharkhand Education Board.

Since this board has got recognition under Distance Education Council, it is now possible to get education under this board while staying in other parts of the nation. The study centres adopting the board education can provide you more details.

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