Education in Manipur

Education in Manipur

Along with the technological advancement in various parts of the nation, education in Manipur is also having a great development. The elites of Manipur society are working really hard to determine the education standard in the state of Manipur. There was a time when tribal people were not at all allowed to get proper education in the higher classes. But after development of various scopes, education in Manipur has become really advanced. You will also come across a period when British people came to the state of Manipur and have procured changes in the education system.

Education system in Manipur

After arrival of British in Manipur, there was a good development made by the people of the state. The first inspector of school on such day was Reverend Pattigrew. This was the period for the year 1903. Various reforms were brought forward for making education in Manipur strengthen. Thus the education system has become really improved due to the invasion of British in the particular state.

Primary education in Manipur

Primary education in Manipur has provided a broader impact on various families. Various issues rose due to inadequacy of teaching staffs. But soon there was a massive development in the primary education of Manipur. Today you will be able to view various schools and colleges in the particular state. The school and colleges were in a state of establishment just due to the reason that the primary education of the particular state have improved.

Higher education in Manipur

The state have soon made a good development with regards to its higher education system. Today, some of the leading colleges of the state Manipur are D M college of Science, D M college of Arts, D M College of commerce, Canchipur College, Damdei Christian College, Kanglatombi etc. The parent body of these colleges are Manipur University. Today education in Manipur is really having a positive zeal in life. Today Manipur Imphal University that is operated in Manipur is doing really well with regards to its education standard. Students from various parts of the nation are accumulating in the university for education.

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