Education Board in Maharashtra

Education Board in Maharashtra

An autonomous body of education that operates in the state of Maharashtra is known as Maharashtra Education Board. The board carries on with both the secondary as well as higher education system in the state. The Board was having a different name few years before. There was a time when Maharashtra Education Board was known as Maharashtra state board of secondary education. The main task of the board was to upgrade the standard of education in the state. The board is really focused on the quality of education.

Innovations by Maharashtra Education Board

The Board has realised that, the students are not taking interest in theoretical studies. Thus, they have designed the program in such a manner that it involves a lot of practical work as well as projects. This is the innovation brought by Maharashtra Education Board. From then onwards more and more students are paying attention on their lessons. They are happy to complete their home task on time. The examination conducted by the board is in higher secondary level as well as senior secondary examination.

Conduction of examination by Maharashtra Education Board

Like all education boards throughout the nation, Maharashtra Education Board is also having a specific date or a month in the year for conduction of board examination. Throughout the year there are a lot of assessment tests within the premises of schools and colleges but in the month of March every year, Maharashtra Education Board conducts final examination for students studying in class 10 and class 12. On the basis of examination result, the students get admissions in various higher schools as well as colleges in the state.

A good preparation of examination is really important for each student as the failure will not be considered by the board. The school is responsible to prepare the students for the final examination. A strict speculation takes place by the members of the Maharashtra Education Board on a regular basis just to find out that the school as well as teachers are providing enough education to the students so that they can come out in flying colours.

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