Education Board in Himachal Pradesh

Education Board in Himachal Pradesh

Education in all the schools of Himachal Pradesh came to be in existence in the year 1969. This education has come legally by passing the law with an act number 14 of 1968. Till the years 1982, Himachal education board had it�s headquarter at Shimla.

Himachal Pradesh is one of the beautiful places in India. Many tourists visit the place for its natural beauty. People are really happy to overlook the picturesque kangra valley. Himachal education board provides proper syllables as well as courses according to their level of study.

Examination conducted by Himachal Education Board

Like other education boards, Himachal education board has got some strict rules and regulations which must be abided by the students of the particular region. The examination based on all the courses in the primary as well as secondary level is really important. Himachal education board have got qualified staff members to carry on with the proper conduction of the examination. Any type of malpractices during the appearance in the examination hall will be strictly checked. Himachal education board conducts examination for class 8th, 10th and 12th. Himachal Education Board conducts examination where 4.5 lacs candidate sits for the particular subjects.

Strength of Himachal Education Board

During the establishment of Himachal education board, there were only 34 staff members but slowly the number has increased to 438. In the year 1970, the first examination of the board was conducted. This examination was not very tiny. People from various parts have assembled to sit for the examination in its 99 centres. Due to the typical geographical condition of the state and increased number of candidates for examination, Himachal education board has taken step to increase their examination centre to 1650. These examination centres were distributed throughout the state. Himachal education board is equipped with Information centres as well as book depots. People can collect any type of information through this information centres. You will get a better conveyance of seeking information. Any problem can also be answered through a telephone call. You can even use telephone directory to get a help with respective agents.

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