Education in Mizoram

Education in Mizoram

Mizoram is a state that is associated at the south east part of the nation. The Education in Mizoram is controlled by the council of ministers as well as the directorate of education. The person associated with the council comes under the minister of education. In the year 1987, Mizoram was declared to be a union territory. That was the time when the Education in Mizoram was ruled by the missionaries of the state. But today the education system of Mizoram has got a different picture.

Education system in Mizoram

There was a time when students of Mizoram were brought to the metropolitan state so that they can have a proper and full fledge education system. Education in Mizoram has faced much turmoil due to political and the economic condition of the state. The directorate of Education in Mizoram has been created in the year 1973.

The vital position of the organization is been held by the director of education, deputy education director and joint education director. The pattern of Education in Mizoram is 10+2. After passing out matriculation examination, the students have to choose a specialized stream and dedicated two years to make their future bright.

Primary education in Mizoram

Primary education in Mizoram is also quite similar to that of other states of the nation. There are number of schools as well as primary schools where the good quality of education is been revealed by each and every teachers associated with the primary teaching action. The government of Mizoram is taking care of many developmental efforts due to which the improvement in education will be properly viewed. Just after completing the primary education, it will be the duty of parents to admit their children for secondary education.

Higher education in Mizoram

Mizoram has a proper standard of education in the higher level. There are ample Colleges in Mizoram which have well equipped labs for science as well as IT graduates. Education in Mizoram will get a great dynamism with regards to different scopes at various parts of the state with the help of proper education and facilities.

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