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Education board in India

If we look into the time of Laurels, we can get a report of rich history with Indian educational system. Demand for education board in India is increasing due to a strategic improvement in the process of teaching. Today proper methods with experiments and case studies are followed in each education board in India. A rapid enhancement of education system is taking place in each and every school and colleges due to strictness in education board in India.

Regulations in Education Board in India

Even if the rules and regulation laid down for education board in India is controlled from centre, there are many centres with representatives of education board in India deployed at various parts of the nation. Even a small school and college in a very small state obey the rules and regulations laid down by the education board in India. There are special officers who are instructed to visit all the school and colleges to see whether rules and regulation are properly maintained or not.

Step by step levels in Indian Education Board

Education board in India has different levels comprising of primary, secondary and higher education levels. Only after completion of education in each lower level, students are promoted to next higher level in schools and colleges. Education board in India has several examination schedules on the basis of which each student are examined really well. Education board in India has several parameters in judging the capability of students. The students have to be strong in both theoretical and practical field. Education board in India also says that, it is not possible for all the students to be perfect in both theories as well as practical. Now if one student is good in theory by weak in practical, there is another way of compensating the same. Education board in India also said that physical activity can fill up the marks of students who are weak in specific parameter. Under education board in India, you can find 105 deemed universities, 15000 colleges and 215 state universities. Education board in India is also recognized for courses conducted outside the nation.

The following boards of education have been recognized by Government of India.

Andhra Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal

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