Education Board in Mizoram

Education Board in Mizoram

Mizoram is one of the vital North east states of India. Good population resides and survives in this particular state. This is not as advanced as other states of the nation. Yet the education facility is at par with the education system of other states. Mizoram education board has kept no stone unturned to provide quality education for each and every student. Whether the students are studying in school or college Mizoram education board will create a speculative move.

Structure of Mizoram Education Board

It is really interesting to have a look at the structure of Mizoram education board. This board have an appointed chairperson. He is the officer appointed by the Government of Mizoram on a contract basis. He is appointed by making a negotiation between the government as well as the person selected for such position. The main activity of the chairman appointed under Mizoram education board is to have a look at all the provisions under MBSE act.

Role of secretary under Mizoram Education Board

The Mizoram education board appoints a secretary who has a key role to be the chief administrative officer. He is the vital person to have a look at the programs and responsibility that is carried on in the board. He gets assistance from the three branch heads such as Controller of examination, the director of academics and deputy secretary. Since the board is divided into three branches, the responsibility in three branches is distributed by its members.

General branch under Mizoram Education Board

If you speak about the general branch, it will be headed by the deputy secretary. Mizoram education board carried on with its administrative as well as operational duties really well. Subordinate staff members, senior academic officers and junior academic officers are a good helping hand to the head of this particular branch.

The Mizoram education board has a separate examination branch which is controlled by the controller of examination. There are other staff members who provide hands to support the authority. All the examination schedules are carried on really well in the particular department with an initiation.

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