Education Board in Nagaland

Education Board in Nagaland

The Nagaland Education Board was set up under an act by the Nagaland legislative assembly. The board have received consent from Nagaland Legislative Assembly on 15th of November 1973. The operation was also not so effective at that point of time. Nagaland Education Board has started its operation on 1st of October 1974. On March 1975, the Nagaland Education Board as provided its first school leaving certificate. There were total of six centres with such operation.

The curricular of Nagaland Education Board

There were six centres in total under Nagaland Education Board. The board wish to get involve with her own identity with a series of workshop, seminars and training program. The Nagaland Education Board has a distinct difference with regards to other boards. It focuses on practical aspect of the education. Today, the state level curriculum committee is working with heart and soul to maintain discipline and culture in Nagaland Education Board.

Text books under Nagaland Education Board

It is really an encouraging fact to shape up each student in a specific curricular. Nagaland Education Board can effectively provide all types of encouragement to the children with regards to text book selection. Just after passing out class 10, the students of Nagaland Education Board have all independence of choosing the subject and the specialization. It is really important to follow the study materials supplied by the board as a whole. There is a particular curriculum on the basis of which each text book was framed. The syllabuses were put into use for class 9 and 10 from the year 1981 and 1982.

There was also a significant development with regards to the examination schedule. A strict schedule and regulation is carried on by Nagaland Education Board. If you are a resident of a different state and wish to get an enrolment in Nagaland Education Board, you can definitely go ahead with the same. This is the time for you to take a step forward and avail various segment of the board. The board will provide you with a facility to get involve with such a wonderful facility with regards to education.

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