School Education in India

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The School Education in India has been moulded so as to enable the masses to participate. Since education is a necessity, school education in India needs to be made accessible. For those who cannot afford higher education the school education in India is all the education that they can get. There are thousands of schools dealing with school education in India. To unify the matter that has to be taught, the schools have to be affiliated under any school board. The boards responsible for school education in India are - State Government Boards, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) National Open School and International School.


The School Education in India can be classified into five levels of education. First is the pre-primary level, for toddlers aged 3-5. Then is the Primary School for children 6-11. Middle school is for 12-14 years of age. Secondary school is for children of 15 and 16. And finally, High School or Higher Secondary School is for children the age of 17 and 18. So from ages 3-18 you can receive school education in India.

Importance of School Education in india

A few decades back one could get a job by simply passing out of school. That is, clearly, not the case these days. One needs to go to college and have a long string of impressive degrees to secure a good job. Yet the base of all careers starts at school level. The school education in India is absolutely necessary to give everybody a head start into their career. The school education in India prepares children so that they can pursue their chosen subject and specialise them as their vocation. The school education in India also helps a child develop qualities they need on a daily basis.

Career Options

Not much can be done, career wise, straight after passing school. In this day and age, even a college degree is not enough. There are part time and freelance jobs that are available. Yet none of them can ever help you develop your career. The school education in india helps you prepare yourself for the real world. Yet school education in india is not enough, by itself, to qualify you for good jobs.

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