Primary Education in India

Field Description

As far as primary education in India is concern majority of the state's population has not received primary education. Education was considered for the elite so most could not receive primary education in India. Primary Education in India can be pursued in any of the thousands of school. The Primary Education in india can be completed in schools which follow the State Board, C.B.S.E, I.C.S.E or International Board. Primary Education in India can also be pursued at National Open Schools. There are both government schools as well as public schools. The main problem is faced by the rural areas where primary schools are few. Hence to encourage primary education in india, the government is trying to set up more schools in the rural areas.


Generally children start their primary education in India at the age of 6. If a child starts primary education in India at the age of 6 then they are done with primary education in india by the age of 11.

Importance of Primary Education in India

The world we live in today is much complicated than the one our ancestors lived in. We no longer base our lives on hunting and finding shelter for ourselves. We need to earn our living by getting jobs. Since the population of the world is so high we need to have qualifications to secure a job. primary education in india forms the base of any education. Without primary education in india you cannot expect to get any respectable job.

Career Options

Primary Education in India by itself cannot help you get too many jobs. But it is the primary education that acts as the base of your entire career. There are some menial jobs which one might get straight after receiving primary education in india. None such job can ever get you too far in life. So, you can depend on primary education in india to help give you a head start on your education and career.

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