Education Board in Tamil Nadu

Education Board in Tamil Nadu

The education board of Tamil Nadu took place in Tamil constituency. Education was completely a private affair before the British came into India. Even if India suffered a lot due to the rule of British people in the nation, there was also some positive effect of their rule. Education was not a big deal for the people of India before British rule. But after the rule is over, Indians took education as their prime importance. Tamil Nadu Education Board has got some history associated with British Constituency. Even if the medium of instruction of Tamil Nadu Education Board was Tamil for few years but as soon as the board realised the importance of English language, authorities of Tamil Nadu Education Board has included English as a medium of instruction.

Objective of Tamil Nadu Education Board

The Tamil Nadu Education Board has different noble aims which they have completed to some extent. They are still left with a majority portion of their objective. Tamil Nadu Education Board wishes to provide elementary education in all parts of the state where there are no schools. Children within the age group of 6-14 years will be provided with compulsory education. Tamil Nadu Education Board had an aim to eradicate the drop outs in school.

Quality of education in Tamil Nadu Education Board

Various students from West Bengal, Mumbai, Rajasthan, and Delhi wish to get education under Tamil Nadu Education Board. The reason for the same is just due to the quality education provided by Tamil Nadu Education Board. The board of directors have got an aim to improve the quality of education starting from preschool level to higher secondary school level. Education will be improved once a library system is opened for a village where there are people with more than 5000 heads. Tamil Nadu Education Board also undertakes health benefits of students studying under the board.

Tamil Nadu Education Board with medium of instruction in English has provided scope for various students placed at different location of the country. With their distance mode of education, Tamil Nadu Education Board have admitted good numbers of students in their different study centres.

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