Education Board in Orissa

Education Board in Orissa

A body corporate that comprises of staff members, board of directors and trustee members is known as Orissa Education Board. This particular board has been established in the year 1953. All the schools and colleges that run secondary education in the state of Orissa must be under Orissa Education Board. This board have got an option for various types of courses so that the students after passing out from Orissa Education Board can get chance for different jobs.

Purpose of Orissa Education Board

You can find different boards within the jurisdiction of the country India. Different boards have got different purpose. Orissa Education Board has got a long term venture. Students studying in secondary level will be provided with all the scopes of education so that he/she can get an admission in a very good University. The standard adopted by Orissa Education Board will be equipped at par with different colleges and universities around the nation. A student qualifying from Orissa Education Board can get admission in almost every part of the nation.

History of Orissa Education Board

Orissa Education Board is taken as a board for secondary education under the state government of Orissa. Under the Orissa education act 1953, Orissa Education Board was formed. The board have got a duty to control and maintain all the schools and colleges which provides secondary education in the state. Orissa Education Board aims at providing various scopes to all the students so that they do not remain unemployed in future. The courses starting from fine arts to pottery is taught by the teachers of Orissa Education Board.

Affiliation of Orissa Education Board

Orissa Education Board or Board of secondary education, Orissa affiliates all the schools and colleges as well as private institutions that operate in Orissa. The famous model high school that has got an affiliation under Orissa Education Board is situated in Cuttack. The campus of the school has got all the facilities for the students. Examination conducted under Orissa Education Board has got a strict vigilance under the head examiners as well as visiting faculties of the particular board to stop malpractices.

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