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When it comes to Distance Education India has many courses which might be of some interest. Earlier, in India, education was for the elite. The number of schools and Colleges were much less. If one could not get access to schools and colleges he would simply not get educated. These days one can get educated from the comfort of home. With the help of Distance Education India can now gain higher literacy rates. There are different levels of Distance Education India has distance education at both school and college level. The National Open University allows Distance Education India at school level. There are many college courses that can be perused through Distance Education India has few of the best choices.

Eligibility Distance Education

When it comes to school level, Distance Education India does not have high eligibility clauses. Anyone who can afford it can opt for Distance Education India. At college level, for some Distance Education India requires you to be a 10th, +2 board pass out. Yet there are many colleges that offer courses for school dropouts. The eligibility for Distance Education India varies from college to college and course to course.

Importance of Distance Education India

Education has become a necessity. Yet there are those who do not get access to schools and colleges. For many the location of the schools and colleges may be too far for them to cover every day, while for some their physical and mental health does not permit them to go to schools and colleges. For such people Distance Education India is the best shot they have at education. Distance Education India also encourages dropout, housewives and fulltime professionals to pursue courses during their spare time.

Career Option Distance Education

Distance Education India at school level can only qualify you enough to be able to apply for a college. While Distance Education India may let you take up a job immediately. Your Career Options depends upon the distance education course that you choose. As a part of Distance Education India you can pursue professional courses, like Management courses, or general courses, like Honours courses. If you choose well Distance Education India may provide you with lucrative job opportunities.

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