Education Board in Tripura

Education Board in Tripura

The formation of Tripura Education Board took place in the year 1972. Since then the education is getting a development in a fast pace. The residents of the states are really happy to provide their children with ample education. Tripura is small but a very beautiful state which is not so polluted as compared to various metro cities. People can come here and take education under Tripura Education Board. There are various students who have come to study in this state from other states. The education system of Tripura is really advanced as compared in the society.

Literacy in Tripura

As per the recent report, Tripura state has got a literacy rate of 73.66%. This is a wonderful figure as other states in India are still lagging behind. The literacy ratio is also a contribution of Tripura Education Board. Since the board has been imparting education to various people in the state, Tripura is now one of the advanced states with regards to education. The government of Tripura along with Tripura Education Board has taken various steps so that Tripura become one of the most literate states of the nation.

Schemes of education under Tripura Education Board

Various strategies have been adopted by Tripura Education Board so that the state does not lacks behind. The government as announced to provide free and compulsory education to many students. The students within 6 to 14 years will be really capable of getting compulsory education absolutely free under Tripura Education Board.

Categorization of education under Tripura Education Board

The education system in this particular state is also divided into four categories. The first one under Tripura Education Board is known as the primary stage. The students reading between class 1 to 4 are stated under this category. The ext category is middle stage. Students getting education between class six to 8 comes under this category. There after secondary education falls under Tripura Education Board. This is for all the students in class 9 to 10th. Tripura Education Board also imparts higher education for the students studying in class 11 and 12.

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