Education Board in Meghalaya

Meghalaya Education Board

A proper legislation was laid down to set up Meghalaya Education Board. All the school and colleges established in Meghalaya have got go through strict rules for getting affiliation under Meghalaya Education Board. A team of special task officers are recruited to supervise each school and colleges that has applied the affiliation under Meghalaya Education Board. On 25th of September 1973, Meghalaya Education Board has taken the charge of education control system in the schools under the Meghalaya Government.

Facts about the board members

Meghalaya Education Board has been inaugurated by the honourable chief minister of Meghalaya. The prime minister of Meghalaya during 19th October 1973 was Late Captain W.A Sangama. The first board members under Meghalaya Education Board were Shri Uma Kanta Sharma (First chairman of Meghalaya Education Board), Shri K.C Chetla (director of public instruction) etc.

Control of Meghalaya Education Board

Strict regulation and control over various schools and colleges that are operated under the same board are the only criteria to make education strong in Meghalaya. Meghalaya Education Board has got every authority to supervise and regulate matters of courses as well as student´┐Żs discipline. During examination also Meghalaya Education Board is quite alert about the malpractices. The representatives from board come to visit each exam centres. If they find any malpractices during the examination schedule, they will be snatching the paper instantly and disqualify the student for that particular examination.

Very few schools and colleges in Meghalaya have got affiliation under Meghalaya Education Board. If you can admit your children in a school that is having affiliation of Meghalaya Education Board, the career prospect of your children will be really high. The board has got worldwide recognition due to its discipline and quality of education. It is really tough to qualify examination under Meghalaya Education Board. But once you are qualified under this board, you will be in a position to beat any student in a competitive examination. You can get the certificate from the board which have got an international recognition. Meghalaya Education Board also encourage their students for many co curricular activities.

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