Education Council

Education council India

A nonprofit making organization which has achieved ECOSOC status with UN and is based in India is the Education council India. This organization basically works in the field of education as well as women development. This is one among the International organization which emphasizes on the quality of education. The head office of Education council India is in New Delhi. It is also having its other offices in abroad in the places such as North America, Africa and Europe.

Aims of Education council India

Education council India emphasizes on the quality education in different cities and districts and cities in India. The council has contributed a lot in the field of health, human right and the welfare of the people staying in India. The objective of the council is also to develop social consciousness among the people of the nation. There are many people who are quite backward in the nation. The evil of the nation such as illiteracy and backwardness is eradicated by Education council India. The positive changes laid by the council along with the representatives are really commendable.

Objectives of Education council India

Education council India is known for providing guidance to various educational institutes prevailing in India. The welfare program in mass is also organized by the council as well as representatives associated with the well known council for education. There are many vocational training centers that are concerned with the students of bursary as well as kinder garden. The day care centers of the children are also associated with the council.

There are many problems in the education institutes such as alcoholism, health problems and drug abuse in various educational institutes. The council works like wonder in setting some control on these particular issues. Education council India has got associated with rehabilitation centers so that students under the serious problem can be cured. The medical assistance is developed in the weaker section of the society with the combined efforts of Education council India and the health care units. The voluntary organizations dealing with child care and education can also take assistance from Education council India.

List of statutory Education councils in India: