Education Board in Rajasthan

Education Board in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Education Board one of the renowned board in India. This is the perfect medium of operating various curriculums in schools in the state of Rajasthan. Like other board in the nation, Rajasthan Education Board holds a prestigious position. The board is also known as the state agency of Government of Rajasthan. The Rajasthan Education Board plays a vital role in the field of promotion as well as development of secondary education in the state. The set of Rajasthan Education Board took place in the year 1957.

Facts about Rajasthan Education Board

You must know different important facts associated with Rajasthan Education Board. The headquarter of the Rajasthan Education Board is allocated at Ajmer. There was an act passed with regards to education system of the board in the year 1957. You must have noticed that the education practice of the state is changing every day. Today, it has become really important to. It is just due to the fact that, various institutions are involving in the education system as well as other co-curriculum activities. Thus, Rajasthan Education Board has taken a strong step to abide with each and every curriculum really well. This involves the activities starting from enrolment of students in school to the promotion of education.

Equality of thought with Rajasthan Education Board

The government of Rajasthan strictly prohibits the believes of inequality with regards to religion and cast. If the Rajasthan Education Board views any of the inequality acts in any schools and colleges of Rajasthan, the particular school or college will get banned absolutely. The education is the only objective of the board. Any individual can get education under the board with a strict speculation. Rajasthan Education Board does not believe in religious disparity. You must be really aware of the fact that, the Rajasthan Education Board can take action against the authority that is practicing inequality in the name of education. The term education is really sacred. It is pure and capable to break all the boundary of religious in effectiveness and caste system. Each of the followers must keep this in mind.

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