Education Board in Manipur

Education Board in Manipur

Manipur education board is not a very new board; rather it has got its origination in the year 1903. The first honorary inspector of the school was Rev. Pettigrew. He was the philanthropist and educationist. He was also associated with the education department of Assam. On 20th of January 1950, creation of separate department was laid down and was named as Manipur education board. The administration department of Manipur council was associated with full control over education system of the state.

Department appointed for Manipur Education Board

Like other boards, Manipur education board has also got its own system. The chairman along with trustees is really capable to handle all administrative as well as educational activities within the schools and colleges associated with Manipur education board. The primary as well as secondary education is equally treated in priority basis. The present education department of Manipur education board consists of department of secondary education, department of adult education, department of higher education and state council for research and training.

Examination strategy of Manipur Education Board

The old syllabus of the Manipur education board was not at par with the standard. Thus, the management has decided to change the existing syllabus of Xth and XIIth standard. The examinations conducted under the new syllabus were from the year 2010. Manipur education board is really strict about their examination schedule. If a student misses to attend the examination, they will not be allowed to sit for the examination once again. Thus, the students have to be really careful about their examination schedule.

If you are admitted in any class under Manipur education board, you have to attend the orientation program. Prominent and specialised speaker will speak about rules and regulation of the board. Today, the new have launched a new strategy in examination schedule which is known as CCE. This is adopted for the students in class 9 and 10. This rule is also followed by the educational board of other states. Manipur education board is also having scholarship program. If a student gets proper marks, he will be able to get this scholarship.

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