Education Board in Gujarat

Education Board in Gujarat

The state of Gujarat was formed on 1st of May 1960. From that very point of time, Gujarat Education Board was established. In previous days, Gujarat Education board was having a name tag of Education and labour department.� This name have been adopted just due to the fact, during the establishment of Gujarat Education board the particular department dealt with various problems such as excise, social welfare, unemployment, higher education and secondary education.� But soon the government decided to provide a separate entity to this department in the year 1976. This separate entity of Gujarat Education board had a great responsibility upon the secondary education, primary education, and technical education.

Duties performed by Gujarat Education Board

Several duties were performed by the authorities associated with Gujarat Education board. The main responsibility of this organization is to ensure quality education in each schools and colleges operated within the particular state.� The education should also be a continuous process within the organization. The literacy rate of the state have gradually got increased as the government as strictly asked the Gujarat Education board to make the education compulsory for the students within the age group of 6 to 14 years.

Establishment of secondary education under Gujarat Education Board

Just after achieving success in the field of secondary education, the board have become really cautious to impart secondary education in the state. Faculties with great qualification and efficiency of teaching have been collected and recruited by Gujarat Education board to teach the students in secondary level. �The syllabus, curriculum as well as the course works were decided from very beginning. Today, people are really cautious about providing quality education to their child. Gujarat Education board has kept no stone unturned for such a quality education.� The special member from the board is appointed to visit various schools and colleges so that a proper discipline as well as rules and regulations are been performed by each students studying in the institute under the Gujarat Education board. Today students passing out from this board are having success in all their field irrespective of geographical barrier.

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