Techincal Education in India

Field Description

Having technical knowledge is more important than bookish knowledge. Technical Education in India was not considered an option few decades ago. The need for technical personnel in the developed nation has ushered in new era of dominance for Technical Education in India. When we talk of technical education we consider fields like engineering, management, pharmacy, architecture and so on. One can opt for many different courses under Technical Education in India. Most of the courses of Technical Education in India are vocational courses. There are many institutes which are in charge of different courses of Technical Education in India. There are many colleges which impart Technical Education in India but all of them have to be affiliated to any of the government institutes so as to recognize.

Eligibility of Techincal Education

Different courses of Technical Education in India have different eligibility criteria. Generally you need to sit for entrance examinations after completing your 10+2 board examination. Depending upon the course of Technical Education in India that you choose you need to sit for exam for that course conducted by the respective institute.

Importance of Techincal Education in india

Technical Education in India is much more important than liberal education. Since India has a booking economy there are many developments gong hand in hand. The need for better management, better infrastructure and better health care make s Technical Education in India indispensible. Technical Education in India also helps research and development, which is important for all nations. Hence we see how Technical Education in India has attained importance.

Career Options of Technical Education

Since after completing Technical Education in India one can directly get a job, career wise the Technical Education in India are very lucrative. The courses are generally prolonged courses but once you graduate you will know all there is to know about the subject. Hence there are many career scopes after graduating Technical Education in India.

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