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Here you will find details of Top and Best Universities in Georgia, Study abroad options, Scholarships, Colleges, Programs, Courses, Institutes for studying MBA, Business Management, Engineering, Hotel management, Arts & Design, Films & Media, Science & Technology, Animation, Computers & IT and many more programs..

You will find why study in Georgia, the eligibility and admission procedure for studying in Georgia, cost of tution and living, student visa requirements, scholarships available from different Georgian Universities and Government and list of Top Universities in Georgia. You will also find articles on Study in Georgia, blogs, questions and answers, university reviews, forums, etc. to make informed decisions for studying in Georgia.

The State of Georgia is the largest southeastern state of United States of America which is also popular for its number of prestigious educational institutions. Georgia is surrounded by Mississippi river at the eastern region with scenic coastlines, beautiful mountains and charming weather with breezy winters and humid summers. From educational perspective for international students, study in Georgia is a big attraction with over hundreds of private and public colleges, universities and research centers, advanced airports with good connectivity and friendly multicultural atmosphere.

Why Study in Georgia?

The Georgia State has high quality educational institutions and learning centers of excellence with more than 200 minors, majors, degrees and doctoral quality programs including English programs imparting knowledge to wide range of students. The institutions in Georgia also have collaborations with educational institutions of other states and countries to make them grow continuously in the fields of engineering, technology, biotech, manufacturing, healthcare, medicine, nursing, dentistry as well as in areas like law and human rights, business administration, tourism management, broadcasting and journalism, social sciences, hotel management, music, history, arts and humanities and many such outstanding fields. Educational institutions and study in Georgia also ranks high in terms of educational standards, affordability, student satisfaction and high rate of job placements.

Georgia State is one of the safest and secure places with its campuses protected heavily by police forces that make study in Georgia an attractive destination. The state offers wide range of student internships opportunities and hands on experience as major companies like Coco Cola, UPS, Turner broadcasting, Georgia Pacific and many more are located in the State.

Admission Procedure

International students need certain standard admission norms depending upon the level of the course and student type. International students can apply through online applications. For an undergraduate study you need to have requirements needed for a freshmen applicant and transfer applicants. You can also contact the office of undergraduate admissions of the colleges and universities for detailed information.

For graduate and up level admissions you have to contact the specific academic individual colleges and universities for information on admission, procedures, documentations and deadlines. At the same time you can also check the individual college and universities websites for precise information. For exchange program as international students you have to contact the program director of that department. Apart from this, as an international student you will also require proof of English language proficiency, International student applicant and immigration form, Visa and residency documents and official evaluations transcripts.

Student Visa Requirements for Study in Georgia

As an international student once you attain academic admission you have to apply for an F-1 visa. The documents require you to show adequate finance funding, copy of admission confirmation, copy of your passport or a copy of an ID of photograph issued by your country of citizenship, bank certification letters and an international applicant immigration form duly filled. If somebody is sponsoring your funds then you require letter of recommendation with your sponsor details or the sponsor commitment form filled with all details. If you are on assistantship as graduate student, you have to submit verification letter from your employment department. Keep a set of two original documents as they will be needed during your visa interview. Once everything is in order you will be sent an I-20 form that entitles you for an F-1 Visa.

Cost of Studying in Georgia, Living Costs, Tuition Fees for Study in Georgia

The cost of study in Georgia will include the expenses incurred on tuition, fees, accommodation, books and supplies, personal expenses like food, clothes, medicines, calls and transportation. Depending upon the level of study in Georgia, an undergraduate study would cost you anything around approximately $35000 and for a post graduate to upper level will cost approximately $ 50,000 to $ 70,000 depending upon the type and stream of course undertaken.

Study in Georgia Scholarships, Scholarships for Studying in Georgia

Study in Georgia State offers low cost education and hence there are restricted numbers of scholarships for study in Georgia for international students. To meet the expenses international students can undertake part-time works on the campuses. For graduate studies and postgraduate studies, depending upon the courses, financial assistance and scholarships are available. The assistantships allow the students a part-time work option within the departments or the campus that mostly allows a waiver of full tuition fees besides the stipends.

These can be availed during the admission process or during first term of the academic year. You can also avail scholarship opportunities from various national and international organizations, center for international studies and through university Honors program. Some of the yearly academic scholarships are the Coca-Cola Foundation Study In China Scholarship, NSEP, Boren Awards For International Study, Bridging Scholarships For Study In Japan, Benjamin A, Gilman International Scholarship Program, Indian American Scholarship Fund and many more. For more detailed information you can also check out the official website of the universities.

Study Abroad Programs in Georgia

Here you will find about Study Abroad Programs in Georgia, Masters, Graduate, Summer Programs in Georgia. Some of the Study Abroad Programs in Georgia are offered for international students. The study in Georgia state universities funds a wide range of study abroad programs ranging from summer programs, spring programs, the Fall programs and the long term semester and academic year programs. In the summer programs students can opt for their major study topics or areas of other interests. These programs generally have smaller group of students and duration is between 2-6 weeks. The study in Georgia State for summer programs also aids funding and scholarships. The students get the exposure to wide ranging lectures, tours, excursions, site visits and get to know their professors. Similarly the study in Georgia State also offers study abroad programs limited to certain majors with short term duration of 1-2 weeks in the Spring and fall semesters. The study in Georgia State also offers academic year studies and exchange programs in collaboration with foreign universities. The exchange program classes are conducted in either English or the host language. These programs are cost effective and give you a chance to intermingle with the local student community apart from academic expertise. The long term academic program incurs additional fees and there are scholarships and funding available. Apart from this the state of Georgia also offers affiliate program, USG (University System Of Georgia) programs and ISEP program where participation in such programs earns you a transfer credits, funding and scholarships. There are currently 600 Georgian students studying in around 35 countries of the globe every year through the study abroad programs.

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