Punjab School Education Board

Punjab School Education Board

The foundation stone for Punjab School Education Board was laid down in the year 1969. This was effectively done under a legislative act passed by the government of Punjab. The main role of Punjab School Education Board is to administer the curriculum and activities available in each school and colleges that is under Punjab School Education Board. Proper standard for examination is also maintained by this powerful board in Chandigarh.

Features of Punjab School Education Board

The board is not restricted in providing education to students. Rather, the teachers are also provided with proper training modules. Punjab School Education Board regards teachers as the root of education. Thus, they are provided with proper updates so that there can be improvements in the educational standard. Punjab School Education Board also plays a wonderful role with regards to publishing the text books of different levels of students. The meritorious students are provided with scholarship. The board has got its head quarter in Mohali.

Education system under Punjab School Education Board

The education system in Punjab has a great revolution with regards to the academic activities and other intellectual field. Punjab School Education Board has provided with a great contribution with regards to primary as well as secondary education. Even in many villages, there are schemes of Sarva siksha programs. This is an attempt by the government to eradicate the darkness of illiteracy from the nation. Punjab School Education Board has contributed equally with regards to educational schemes and technological advancement in the field of education.

Due to the combined effort of the government of Punjab and Punjab School Education Board literacy rate in Punjab has increased. Today, the students passing out from school and colleges in Punjab are viewed in national level. Developing students are getting great motivation after having a view at the senior studentís achievement. Students can go to any university in India or outside India for further studies after passing out from schools in Punjab. The quality of education is increasing due to proper training and development of the teaching and non teaching staff members.

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