Gujarat Secondary Education Board

Gujarat Secondary Education Board

The board is specially having its operation in Gujarat. The secondary and high schools operated in the city of Ahmadabad are associated with Gujarat Secondary Education Board. The board has full right to conduct its main supplementary examinations in the region. The particular examination is conducted in two times. One is operated in the month of October where as the other is operated in the month of March. The board also has authority to conduct the examination like SSC and HSC. The SSC is the examination that is for all the students who wish to attend their class 10 examination. But HSC is for the students willing to appear for the final examination in 12th standard.

Languages in education under the board

The board conducts academic program under various languages. The main language which is spoken by the people of Gujarat is known as Gujarati language. A part from this language, Gujarat Secondary Education Board also has prescribed books and publications under other language such as Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, English and Sindhi. But all the students must take English as the compulsory language. This will provide a wonderful scope to enhance the spoken power in foreign language. If the students of Gujarat Secondary Education Board wish to get abroad for higher studies, they must not be in difficulties.

Centers for examination

If you have got enrolment under Gujarat Secondary Education Board, here are various centers in India from where you can easily appear for the examinations. If you are staying in Northern part of India and wish to appear for examination in a different city, Gujarat Secondary Education Board will provide you with wonderful scopes. Now examination center will not be a problem to you as Gujarat Secondary Education Board is associated with 158 centers throughout the nation. The schools in Ahmadabad that runs under the Municipal Corporation are also under Gujarat Secondary Education Board. If you are enrolled in a school that is under this particular board, you will not have to think about the quality of education which would be provided to you. A bright future of students will be ahead.

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