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Posted By : Neha goyal
4/5/2017 5:10 PM
1. National Institute of DesignEstablishment year: 1961 Location: AhmedabadWebsite: http://www.nid.edu/ Phone: 079 2662 9500 Offered Courses: 1. Graduate Degree Programme in Design (B. Des.): Animation Film Design, Apparel Design, Ceramic and Glass Design, Design for Retail Experience, Digital Game Design, Film and Video Communication, Furniture D more...
Posted By : Neha goyal
3/30/2017 3:25 PM
Designing courses have become a popular choice among students. It offers plenty of opportunities for talented hardworking and enthusiastic people. Obtaining a degree from a top College will allow invaluable academic, professional and personal growth, and open up an infinite number of career opportunities after graduation But what must one do to more...
Posted By : Naresh
2/18/2017 11:42 AM
Academic learning and sports education are actually the two sides of the same coin. They complement each other in every sphere of a child’s life. In any country, if sports education is considered as an integral part of the curriculum along with the theory classes, there is a great possibility of personality development in the student. Not onl more...
Posted By : srcoe
12/15/2016 12:19 PM
A career is well begun with an engineering degree. It is a degree that develops various skills and also enhances one’s thinking capabilities. But time management is an important factor to be maintained while pursuing or to complete the degree in a graceful way. ” Time management is Life Management” more...
Posted By : sbpatil college
12/15/2016 11:37 AM
The evolving technologies have rapidly changed the world in all sectors of education as well as economy. It has overall changed the global platform. Technology helps one to stay connected irrespective of the place and distance. It also plays a vital role in one’s life and hence becomes impossible to survive without them. Due to the faster mea more...
Posted By : Admin
9/20/2016 5:17 PM
1. Know the purpose of your resume Some people write a resume as if the purpose of the document was to land a job. As a result they end up with a really long and boring piece that makes them look like desperate job hunters. The objective of your resume is to land an interview, and the interview will land you the job (hopefully!). 2. Back up your more...
Posted By : Admin
8/29/2016 4:36 PM
Textbooks are expensive and often not needed for more than a semester. A variety of options are available if you don't want to buy new textbooks each semester. Keep reading to find out how to save money on college textbooks. College textbooks constitute a considerable expense to students. While figures vary by school, The College Board estimates a more...
Posted By : Admin
8/24/2016 11:16 AM
There are two types of people in the world: those who love speaking in public and those who are scared stiff at the thought of it. Performance anxiety and stage fright are perfectly normal phenomena that occur to many people. It is important for you to understand what stage fright is, so that you can fully overcome it. Stage fright or performance more...
Posted By : Admin
8/16/2016 11:25 AM
Stress: Stress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium. In other words, it's an omnipresent part of life. A stressful event can trigger the “fight-or-flight” response, causing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to surge through the body. College students face a host of stresses. Univer more...
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Posted By : Admin
8/1/2016 1:19 PM
Whether it is for buying a house or a car or pursuing higher studies, loans are common today. With college fees increasing every year, many have no option but to opt for education loans. For undergraduate engineering courses, the fees could be Rs 5-10 lakh, while for a five-year medical course at a private college, this could go up to Rs 50 lakh. F more...
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Posted By : Admin
7/20/2016 1:05 PM
A recent survey done by The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) describes the most desired skills employers are looking for when they hire new staff. In the 2013 NACE survey, 93% of those surveyed agreed that "A candidate's demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important more...
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Posted By : Admin
7/13/2016 6:04 PM
We all require some advice sometime or the other. When it comes to our careers, everyone hopes and wishes for the best. The facet of life is that at you have to work hard to get to where you would hope and wish to be. We also have some information on the career scope, eligibility and job prospects in various streams. There are many colleges in Ind more...
Posted By : Admin
7/9/2016 12:49 PM
How to prepare: We have written all the precise methods that you can follow up in order to secure some good marks. If we talk about this topic the first thing that is gonna help you all is to have all the KMAT 2016 preparation material so that you can have all the resources from where you can prepare yourself. KMAT 2016 question paper pattern: Now more...
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Posted By : Admin
7/5/2016 12:24 PM
Every person is born with a particular potential which is unique to him. People are of different types and not all of them are brilliant students. Many work hard to get good marks, while others don't and yet manage to score well during examinations. There are also students who study hard but don't get the desired percentage. How to prepare for exam more...
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Posted By : Admin
6/30/2016 3:40 PM
Success in a job interview starts with a solid foundation of knowledge on the job-seeker's part. You should understand the employer, the requirements of the job, and the background of the person (or people) interviewing you. The more research you conduct, the more you’ll understand the employer, and the better you’ll be able to answer i more...
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Posted By : Admin
6/27/2016 1:18 PM
A college is not necessarily right for you because its name is familiar. That might seem pretty obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many students equate educational quality with name recognition. Investigate at least three or four colleges you know little or nothing about but offer the field(s) of study of interest to you, are appropriatel more...
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Posted By : Admin
6/21/2016 12:35 PM
First of all go through latest syllabus of GATE completely. Read every single topic of each subject carefully mentioned in the GATE syllabus. "It is important to know what to study but it is more important to know what not to study". Because you have to choose subjects to study as per GATE syllabus you do not need to study all subjects which you h more...
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Posted By : Admin
6/13/2016 2:51 PM
While you might have been able to slide by without taking notes in high school, learning to take good notes is essential for most college students. Taking poor notes, or not taking notes at all, can have a detrimental effect on your grades. Read on to learn some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your classes and readings. More essentia more...
Posted By : Admin
6/7/2016 2:32 PM
Every college students suffer distractions, whether from extracurricular activities, surfing the Internet, meeting new people or working a job. Discover resources that can help students better manage their time. Many universities offer time management techniques that can help college students succeed in their classes. These tips include more...
Posted By : Admin
6/1/2016 5:36 PM
Established by an act of parliament, the All India Institute for Medical Sciences is one of the premier institutions in India. The institute aims at providing high standard of medical education and is an institution of national importance. All India Institute for Medical Science Exam is held for the admission of students to the MBBS course offered more...