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Posted By : sbpatil college
12/15/2016 11:37 AM

The evolving technologies have rapidly changed the world in all sectors of education as well as economy. It has overall changed the global platform. Technology helps one to stay connected irrespective of the place and distance. It also plays a vital role in one’s life and hence becomes impossible to survive without them. Due to the faster means and use of technology all over the world, a day without them results into severe loss and complications. Use of technology has become a routine task for the person which has also impacted the lives of people. It has been universally reported that more than 30 billion devices are connected to the internet in 2016.

Technology is a central part to learning in college classrooms too. Today’s students have grown up with all this technology, so colleges like junior college must change with the times and adapt to the way students learn best. As technology is a central part of our everyday lives now, so of course it should be a key aspect to education in order to prepare students for the real world and their future careers where they will most likely be using mobile devices. Technology in the classroom of these colleges is changing. Lectures in these top junior colleges can be customized to fit each student’s progress and learning style. Through the different learning tools educators can provide opportunities for students to be able to work and excel at their own level and pace Nowadays, best collegesshows us the impact of positive in and it is playing a vital role in learning new things.

1.Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence proves to be of great importance from kindergarten to graduate school through the application of greater levels of individualized learning.

2.Virtual Reality: “Virtual Reality” is a new way where students are taking their lectures from. Education is one such sector that chose “virtual reality” for learning purposes. The advantage of such an implementation is that it enables the students to interact with each other as well as within a limited dimensional environment.

3.The (M-Learning): Learning that is carried through mobile phones are increasing at a rapid scale. The trend is changing from computers to phones. People use phones for internet purposes than computer. Traffic of mobile phones have increased and hence is also encouraged in educational sectors as there are many learning apps available.

4.Tablet and Laptops: Institutions and schools are changing their teaching trends or methods by embracing technology tools such as laptops, tablets etc. rather than books. Using blackboard for teaching is an old method that is no more implemented.

5.Social Media at Institutions: Social media is transforming educational sectors as students are using social media platforms to connect with friends or peers for all social gatherings.

6.Learning through Smart Board: Smart board training facilities enables students to learn in an interesting way and excel in their career.

7.Cloud Based Technology in Education: When students are unable to attend classes cloud-based classrooms can be ideal. These can include basic text lessons, or can be as advanced as to include video lessons or even live chat sessions with the teacher via instant messenger or video messaging programs like Skype.

8.MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course):. MOOCs can be considered as a term or word related to the sociability of open and online education. It has changed the face of education

9.Use of Videos in Education: Videos is the best medium that is used in the recent years to enhance teaching skills. Around 46% of the teachers implement this strategy for better career.

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Technology has become an integral part of learning in college classrooms, and it is important for colleges to adapt to the way students learn best. As today's students have grown up with technology, it is only natural that it should be incorporated into education to prepare them for their future careers where they will likely be using mobile devices.
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