Medical Education in India

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Medical council of India is a regulatory authority to set up rules and regulations with regards to medical education. It is mandatory for all the students to take admission in such Medical Colleges that are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI). This council has set up Medical courses in India for providing good education standard to each and every medical student who have come to pursue medical education.

Eligibility Medical Courses

Individual must be class 12 passed out and have successfully qualified Pre medical test.

Types of medical courses

It is possible to choose a particular course from the list of subjects present in Medical courses in India. Famous courses are as under:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery(MBBS)

Bachelor of Dental surgery (BDS)

Diploma in Gynecology(DGO)

Post graduate diploma in child health

Master of Surgery (MS)

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Importance of medical education

Medical career is regarded as a wonderful career for many parents as well as students. This is a career of pride as well as prestige. Medical courses in India have been adopted with more innovation. You can now come across various medical courses which are even regarded to be of a great prestige outside the nation. This is a noble job and has a great prestige.

Career options Medical courses

A doctor with any degree and diploma can easily practice in private chamber. Even a general physician earns really good in today's market. Resident doctor in any hospital can be a good option for a bachelor in a different city. Medical courses in India is framed in such a way that, you can know many things about research and development along with the specialized subject that you have opted. An association with various clinical labs can provide extra income. Post doctoral courses can also be pursued by a doctor with an ease and carry on with various research objectives.

Medical Education in India

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