Engineering Education in India

Engineering Education in India

For developing and technologically advancing countries engineers are very essential. Hence Engineering Education in India is highly in demand and is highly demanding. The system of Engineering Education in India makes students go through rigorous courses to finally emerge as engineers. Till a point of time having an engineering degree meant an assured job. Hence we see that almost every Indian household has a member who has received, or is pursuing, Engineering Education in India.

Eligibility Criteria for Engineering Colleges

India currently is the second largest producer of engineers. This shows how effective the system of Engineering Education in India is. Since there are so many different disciplines as well as colleges/universities, the criteria for them are different. Most colleges take students according to their ranks in examinations like AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) and IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination). Some colleges/universities have their own entrance examination. For example, Bits Pilani conducts the BITSAT for selection purpose. Even the different states conduct state wide examinations. The meticul class="PB6"ous process of getting into an engineering college itself is one of the easiest parts of the Engineering Education in India. Thus an engineer who has received Engineering Education in India is well informed about his or her discipline.

Engineering Colleges in India

Since Engineering Education in India is highly in demand we see great competition amongst students to get into their desired courses. The number of colleges with engineering course was overshadowed by the number of students applying. The need for more colleges has led to the emergence of many private engineering colleges. Engineering Education in India can be received at any of the private or government colleges. Most of India’s 113 universities and 2088 colleges teach some stream, or the other of, Engineering. But Engineering Education in India is considered best under the government colleges, since they are State aided. The private colleges are infamous for admitting students who can make generous donations. Hence most students prefer to receive Engineering Education in India from government colleges. Yet any college seems good enough for the aspiring thousands.

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