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Dear Students,


This guide will help you out in building your career and facing the competitive world. It is very important in life to take the first step in the career, here the first step in career is choosing the right course to get the right job. Till you're not aware of any course you won't know the advantage of taking the course. Here can help you in choosing the right course. Always be ahead in life, Plan "What am I going to do next after completion of this course" if you don't plan according to the time then you will loose the chance of getting the job through campus interviews.

It happens basically with the college students who purely enjoy their college life. Here I am not saying not to enjoy. Basically college life is the best life in whole mankind life, but enjoying is not the life, first plan your career and then enjoy.

If at all you miss the campus interview train (you already have a ticket; all you need is to validate and get hold of this!!!) you need to struggle hard in open competition here for a single position where many of the students apply.

Basically it happens with many people where much time is wasted in getting the job or understanding the job market and by the time they get the job they lose the "fresher" brand. Many organizations prefer fresher candidates who have completed their courses in current academic year. If you won't wake up early you will lose the fresher train. So, you become a non-fresher (not the current year graduate) with no experience (never got your first job).

Our honest suggestion to the student community

Never ever waste time, apart from having fun for some time, for planning about the career if possible at the end of your 2nd year of education. Spare at least an hour to think about "What I am going to do next after completion of this course"? It is mandatory to keep in mind that the companies which come for campus interview expect the candidate to hold a certain percentage of marks scored in all subjects with no arrears. Some target for a gold medal but everyone should target to achieve at least 70% marks without any pending subjects. At the end of the 2nd year you may have to do some self-analysis on the following topics.

Am I going to continue my higher education after completion of my current course?

If you want to go for Master Degree, for example, MBA, you should collect the required information such as details of college of your choice, financial requirements, admission criteria, etc. You can contact someone who is currently doing the post graduate course or already completed the same course that you choose to pursue. You can also get information on different course from our website.

Am I going to continue my education through distance mode and find a job for my current degree?

If you are planning to do this, analyze yourself how and where you will get the job. What are the employer's expectations? If you are planning to join as computer operator and continue your higher education via distance mode then do you have to acquire any additional skills like type writing, English Communication, computer operations and so on.

Do I have plans to study abroad

Complete details about study abroad is mentioned in our website if you have chosen a specific country to study kindly go through our website. The details you need to know is which country is best for higher education, what are the exams that you have to take, what is the good score, what are the best universities, how to apply, what are the financial requirements etc...

I want to get the job in campus interview

If you plan to get the job through campus interview, you should know which organizations have visited the campus in the past, their expectations and selection patterns. Get the help of college professor or placement officer in getting the model question papers and group discussion topics. Communication skills play a key role at the time of interview, evaluate your communication skills both verbal and written and ensure that it is excellent. This is very important for any of the above choices that you make.

If at all you need any information about communication do refer to our "Communications" section for more details and if you need any improvement then join some course.

You can join any local computer centre and gain some knowledge of the computers and also learn some programming language. Till you complete your education, at least an hour should be spent in learning computer language and tools.

At the time of interview basically companies conduct aptitude test; it's for both campus interview and outside interview. Kindly refer to our "Aptitude and puzzle" guide to get more information on this. Many organizations test your aptitude and try to analyze how you approach a problem. Before you come out of the college you need to be well prepared to face the interview to get your dream job.

To get ready for technical/aptitude tests, you can go through model question papers and group discussion topics; you can get sample question papers at our website also. If you have any specific question, you can post your questions in our discussion forum to get a quick answer.

If possible try to form a group within the friends circle in college and move to cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore etc. for job search. There are many jobs available in these cities especially in Bangalore where you can get a good job with handsome pay. If at all you don't get selected in the campus interview kindly move to city for job search.

If you think you can stay in your town till you get a job, it would be difficult to get the first opening, as many fresher interviews are walk-ins and you will be called to appear in person. Many times you will come to know about these interviews on the same day or a day before.Also, if you are living far-away from any major city, then it may become difficult to travel for each interview.

Once you get the job, change your status to experienced and keep participating in this website and be a guide to your juniors and freshers. We should be a helping-hand to our fellow-Indian student's community and get them involved in the wealth creation process.

Never lose hope and keep on trying as "Failure is the Stepping stone to success". Getting the first job is a challenging task but once you get, your life would change forever.

Always read motivational books. If you read Tamil you can try Dr. M.S. Udayamurthy's book. This will recharge you in reaching your long–cherished goal.

We are always there to help you and guide you. Frequently visit our website better bookmark our website ( to get the latest updates. we guide you not only in getting the first job but to find and join your dream organization, going abroad, overseas education or whatever dreams and goals you have set for yourself.

Kindly refer to “Fresher Guide” which helps you in getting more useful information.

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