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2/8/2016 3:10 PM

cbseBoard examinations for students belonging to Class 12 are set to begin in March.

These tips are sure to help you score high:

  • Set a timetable for yourself
  • Identify a few direct questions which usually come in the exams and prepare them well
  • Use fast reading technique to revise more in less time
  • Try to present the questions in points; present a sub-heading and a brief explanation for each. Underline all the sub-headings and main points of the answer
  • Do not leave any question
  • Be careful not to spend too much time on one particular question at the cost of other questions
  • Wherever any process is asked to be explained, write all the steps involved, irrespective o f the marks allotted to that question and the process should be in order
  • Draw a flowchart/diagram in support of your answer, wherever possible
  • Answer those questions first, which you know very well
  • Draw small cartoons/diagrams with small captions wherever fits suitable
  • Attempt 'HOTS' questions at the last
  • While trying to understand 'HOTS' questions, keep in mind the chapter-wise allotment of marks. Sometimes this helps to guess the chapter from which the HOTS question is given
  • Read Hindi medium version also, it may give you some clue.  It also removes the vagueness in the English language
  • Always try to find out one marker from the topics that will help in understanding the case studies
  • Read summaries given at the end of each chapter to get a comprehensive idea about the given chapter. HOTS can be given from summaries also
  • Refer to latest CBSE sample question papers along with previous year board question papers
  • Refer to 'toppers' answer sheets available on the CBSE website.

Wishing the candidates good luck.

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