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3/3/2016 2:30 PM
cbseThe CBSE Class 12 board exams have started from March 1, 2016. This year, a total of 14,99,122 candidates have applied for the Class 12 exam, out of which 4,46,641 are girls and 6,21,259 are boys.
The CBSE Physics exam is scheduled to be held on March 5. Before appearing for the exam, it is important to understand that the subject Physics requires more of conceptual understanding along with a little bit of cramming.
Here are some last minute tips, tricks and points to remember before appearing for the CBSE exam:
Before the exam:
Study all derivations, definitions, diagrams and memorise formulae and units of physical quantities
Prepare a variety of conceptual questions based on application of laws/principles and solve related numericals
Practice makes a man perfect. Solve the last five years' board papers under exam conditions, sticking to the time limit of three hours, which makes you familiar with the paper pattern and makes you confident
Devote some time for meditation and exercise to increase your concentration power.
Just before the exam:
Get up early in the morning and take a quick review of all the formulae and the steps of derivations
Close your books an hour before the exam. Feel relaxed and confident.
During the exam:
Admit card: First and foremost, do not forget to carry the admit card. Without it, you won't be allowed to appear for the exam
Read carefully: 15 minutes reading time will be provided before the commencement of the exam, during which one should read the question paper carefully and check out the marks assigned to each question
Make proper choices: There is an internal choice in one question of 2 marks, one question of 3 marks, and three questions of 5 marks in CBSE exams. In the first 15 minutes of reading time, make proper choice of the questions that you would want to attempt in order to avoid confusion later
Answering tips for CBSE Exam : Definitions should be to the point; derivations should contain a sentence or two of introduction, a diagram (if any), clear mathematical steps with highlighted final result; graphical questions and conceptual problems should be supported with correct reasoning. Numerical problems must be solved in logical systematic manner
Sequence: Follow the proper sequence if the question demands you to write about the process or steps
Examples: Try to give examples wherever possible
Time management: Be careful not to spend too much time on one particular question at the cost of other questions. Questions asking to 'Distinguish' or 'Differentiate' should be written in a table form
Diagrams: Give diagrammatic representation of answers wherever necessary.
Repeated answers: If a candidate attempts a question twice, marks will be given in the question attempted first and the question attempted later will be ignored.
Revise: Leave some time for revision.
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Numerical problems must be solved in logical systematic manner Sequence: Follow the proper sequence if the question demands you to write about the process or steps

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