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Posted By : Raja Rajan
3/5/2015 4:38 PM


1. Occupational Therapy

2. Critical care technology

3. Medical Record science

4. Medical Laboratory Technology

5. Audiology and speech Pathology

6. Accident and emergency care Technology

7. Cardiac Technology

8. Medical sociology

9. Prosthetics and orthotics

10. Optometry Technology

11. Radio Therapy Technology

12. Physiotherapy occupational

"Occupational Therapy"

is the medical assistance given to the patients who has disability or health problems in various forms. The methods involved in occupational therapy aims towards helping the affected patients to restore maximum possible physical, mental and social comforts. This medical field deals with the process of rehabilitation of both physically and mentally challenged persons. The occupational Therapists deals with the medical problems, like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, brain injury, arthritis, amputation, low back pain, specific learning disability, autism, psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia, mania, depression, alcohol and drug above.

There are different types of treatment methods which are carried in hospital wards and departments, in specialized units and schools, in rehabilitation centres, workshops with shelters and also in patients dwelling places. The object of the methods of treatment involve in educating, training and helping patients in their deficits in self care, functional ability, cognitive functions, hard functions, interpersonal skills, work skills and learning ability.

Name of the course : BOT – Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Duration : 4 years + 6 months

Internship Job opportunities :

Health care units :

hospitals Rehabilitation centres (physical/psychiatric issues)

Special schools Children centres De-addition centres Geriatric homes.


 “Critical Care Medicine” is meant for treating very critical patients who are taking medical case in Intensive care units (ICU). In order to make the vital organs to function. Critical case team specialists are skilled in chest physiotherapy, fractional suction, inhalation therapy, care of airway, mechanical ventilation. They also take care of all invasive methods and monitoring the cardio vascular status of the patient in 24 hours basis. They are specialists in operating and maintaining various equipments in ICU’s. They are exposed about diseases of respiratory system and various problems faced by serious patients, sterile methods, and management of emergency situations besides basic engineering to understand. The equipment they are taught about the importance of ICU’s and also how to handle the patients admitted in ICU.

Name of the course : Bachelor of Science in critical care

Technology Duration : 3 years + 1 year Intensive

Job opportunities : health care units Multi specialty hospitals


Documentation of Medical records if the patients is very important to but the patients as well as hospitals. Educated people used to maintain the all the records connected with their and their dependent people properly. Many people are not aware of the importance of the medical documents. This field educations the learner to acquire sufficient knowledge of the system of scientific documentation using computer technology with the facilities of information secure and retrieval. This field also with data bases in connection with the diseases, pathological conditions, symptoms, drugs & concepts like dealing with voluminous data bases of disease, pathological conditions. Symptoms, drugs, as well as data mining techniques. The field also deals with classification and condition of drugs, diseases and their treatment. One of the arcos of this field, “Medical Record sciences” deals with health insurance, third party payers and document scanning. Basic sciences, medical terminology, international classification of diseases, telemedicine and billing design are the integral part of this field.

Name of the course : BMRSC- Bachelor of science in Medical Record science

Duration : 3 years + 1 Year I

ntensive Job Opportunities : hospitals, Health care and Medical Ins


Laboratory Technology is the an essential and integrate part of medical area this field deals with diagnosis and study of various diseases. Identifying the diseases with high order of precision is necessary for effective treatment.

Name of the course : B.Sc MLT – Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology

Duration : 3 years

Job opportunities : hospitals, health care units, self-employment by organizing labs.


Audiology and speech language pathology deals with the study of normal and abnormal functioning of the auditory system, the speech production mechanism and processing of language. Basic research, Applied Research and various clinical applications are the integral part of this field. Skills related to theory and practical is needed to diagnose the problem is the basic necessity of this field. Treating and rehabilitating patients with Hearing, speech and language problems like voice dis orders, fluency disorders, motor speech disorders, language disorders are the part of this field.

Name of the course : Bachelor of Audiology & Speech language Pathology

Duration : 3 years + 1 year Intensive J

ob opportunities : hospital, health care unit, VHC, NGO, Ambulance service

E-Police Medical Sociology:

This deals with behavior of persons during illness and health care activities. This is the subject of social structure of systems to deliver health care services. Which include social constraints on illness, the rule of illness, medical organizations and professions, and the application of illness model to rectify the behavior of sick persons.

Name of course : Bachelor of Science in Medical Sociology

Duration : 3 years + 1 year Intensive

Job opportunities : hospital Nursing home Social science organized NGU UHC Patient advocate Family interceptor specialists Hospice/palliative care works Personal specialists Public relation officer Activity director Co-coordinator of Hospitals Voluntary & Research association


This field deals with Rehabilitation of locomotors disability by the making of prostheses and orthotics for persons with such disability. The subject matter of this field is understanding the human body and design, appliances with theoretical knowledge of biomechanical, materials and Engineering concepts. This field also deals with prescription, design, appliances with theoretical knowledge of biomechanics, materials and Engineering concepts, This field also deals with prescription, design, fabricator fitting and alignment of all the orthopedic devices. Practical aspects of clinical examinations and evaluation of patients and subsequently. Fabricating, checking out, and following up the proper device are death in this field. Rehabilitation of person with disability to make clinical decision is the imposter area of these fields.

Name of the course : BPO- Bachelor of Prosthetics & Orthotics

Duration : 4 years & 6 months intensive

Job opportunities : hospitals, rehabilitation centers therapy training centre.


This medical branch deals with the use of ton zing radiation, most probably a part of cancer treatment of destructing the tumor cells and spare the normal tissues. Various Radio therapy techniques like intensity modulated Radio therapy (IMRT), three dimensional conformal radiotherapy (3D CR) stereotactic Radio surgery, Brachia therapy and much other technique are available in this field. In these techniques.

High energy x-rays and x-rays are produced from high level hi-tech equipments like medical Linear Accelerations, tele cobalt and high dice rate Branchy therapy remote after-loading machines to treat affected patient. Learning of human anatomy and physiology, various types of cancers, patient care, radiographic technique, and different radiotherapy treatment techniques besides basic radiation physics and about radio therapy equipments are the parts of the curriculum.

Name of the course : Bachelor of sciences in Radiology Technology

Duration : 3 years + 1 year intensive


It is a health care profession dealing with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement in the area of promotion, prevention, diagnosis treatment/intervention and rehabilitations. Rehabilitation of physically challenged and affected by accidents and other constraints are the focus fo this field. In this course training will be gives to deals with combaters like hemiplegic, paraplegia, head injury, cerebral pall, orthopedic, conditions like fractures, joint replacement and sports injuries. The training also include, taking care of the parents in ICU and those who undergo. Cardiac and lung operations. This field also gets speared to the areas of orthopedics, pediatric, neurology, cardiopulmonary, spots and commonly physiotherapy.

Name of the course : Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

Duration : 4 year & 6 months intensive.

Job opportunities : hospitals Health care units NGO’s VHS Gymnasium Spats Dept.


This field is meant to test and diagnosis of vision related disorders. The course consists of training different aspects of eye testing. Identification and rectification of eye orders myopia, hypermetropia, Astigmatism, presbyopic are to the students. The students are also foods about gemmating and physical optical.

Name of the course : bachelor of Science –Optometric Technology

Duration : 3 years & 1 year intensive

Job opportunities :

1. Eye hospital

2. Eye dispensary

3. Ophthalmology therapy

4. Teaching

5. Research

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