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10/31/2015 11:03 AM
We have heard about many advertisements for online courses about how they are providing education to those who could not avail regular education. Now, data has come up which showcases how the online courses have impacted the Indian education system positively. The survey named "learning outcomes" reveals that the Indians have scored better outcomes than global average.

According to a report published by The Times of India, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that have hit the education sector four years ago have had an essential impact on education and learning. Initially, questions were being raised on the worth of MOOC certification and evaluation process. A survey conducted by Coursera and researchers at the Universities of Pennsylvania and Washington answers some of the questions.

According to the survey, Indians has done significantly better than other countries in availing educational courses through online programmes. There were 51,954 people surveyed in which Indians performed better than the global average. The respondents who were about to complete their courses in three or more months were divided into two groups according to their aim of joining the course namely, career builders- those who wanted to seek advancement in professional careers and education seekers- those who wanted to academic help.

Indians in this survey out-performed others by having 82 per cent benefit for career advancement and 76 per cent for educational advancement benefit against an average of 72 per cent and 61 per cent respectively. 91 per cent of Indians saw different benefits as against the global average of 88 per cent and 68 per cent. 30 per cent more Indian learners are likely to take admissions in these kinds of academic programmes, highest as compared to other countries.

A panel discussion held by WizIQ to understand the challenges and opportunities for online education also concluded that it is changing the education culture of Indians and slowly and gradually gaining a strong base for students due to their flexibility and growth. Online courses enables the best educational services through innovative interactive tools irrespective of the place a learner is in.

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