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Posted By : Keira Rose
8/4/2014 4:39 PM

Whether you opt for a formal child-care center, in-home care, or family day care, there are a few basic things that you should know. To help make this important decision, here are the best ways to evaluate a child-care center option:

1. Always Look Down Carefully. When you're visiting any potential day care school in Delhi, pay attention to how their staff networks with the kids. Ideally, a caretaker needs to be down onto the floor to play with the children. In early years, babies need close, interactive and loving relationships to thrive. This is the reason why it is particularly important that babies' caretakers are responsive and warm, and even groups one-on-one sessions of love and care.

2. Ask for Commitment. Babies need predictable and consistent care. It helps them form a safe attachment with their caretaker. If you want an in-house caretaker, request for a one-year commitment. And if you're considering any center, observe how long the present caretakers have been working and how much revenue the center enjoys.

3. Don’t Forget to do Policy Check. Find whether you share parenting philosophies on topics such as discipline, television, feeding, sleeping and so on. Enquire about sick-child policy. Also enquire if there's a backup plan in place if the in-home caretaker or family day-care attendant is sick and is unable to work.

4. Problems-Solve Pronto. It is expected that you'll have conflicts with the caretaker, both small and large. Address all problems immediately instead of ignoring them as they might grow out of your proportion. Some problems can be quickly resolved; others may require discussion. Whatever is the conflict, treat your caretaker in a polite manner, but at the same time, don’t be scared to speak up. When deciding on any difficult subject, seek your caretaker's opinion as well. As the parent, you are entitled to the final decision; however, you more likely are to elicit collaboration if the person knows he/ she is heard.

5. Trust Your Gut. All parents know when something doesn't feel right. You might get turned off by the day care centre in Delhi everyone raves about or have conflict with an extremely recommended sitter. If this happens, keep searching. Your baby deserves the best.

6. Be Open to Changes. You're not wedded to a specific person or condition, and if things just don't work out, you always can make a switch. Of course, you want consistency for your baby, but that just doesn't mean that you can't change arrangements. Children are flexible; provided that they are having positive experiences with their caretaker, they'll be fine whoever it might be.

Irrespective of what your work times are, you still are your child's vital caretaker -- the most reliable source of support and love in her/his life. When you’re not around, trust a good day care centre to do your job well. Like the post above? Leave your comments below.

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