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Posted By : Admin
7/27/2015 5:11 PM

college9.jpgThe best moments in a person's life are the days spent in college or University. This is the time that you meet new friends, lifetime mentors, business associate and as well your future spouse, who create lasting impressions in your lives.

During the first few years there is a fun, with little recklessness of joining the college due to a feeling as if having achieved a big life's milestone and the last few years would be let more serious with their own objectives of life taking it's roots, spending more time with the main subjects, the projects, internship, company visits and of course their friends sharing wide ranging thoughts. It is a time that you want to accomplish something great without taking your friends; programmes for granted or miss out the good times that come across the way.

Little knowing about time management , it is put into practice in some way or the other. It is quiet easy to talk about time management instead putting it into reality. The truth is that if every youngster realizes his objective and be little more committed towards his goal every thing would fall in its places. One foremost thing that every individual needs to do is to set his / her priorities right. (Is my education the first priority, extracurricular activities second, friends & hobbies last? Or is it the other way around for you?)

It is good to develop short-term priorities and long-term priorities to move in the right direction for effective time management. The most important aspect is to go by the priorities so that you won't end up losing precious time, money and energy.

The key to success is in life is to work first on the most urgent ones when you are bound to meet tough and tight deadlines to meet effective time management. Never lose your cool, as the situation gets more complicated, instead take a short break and carry out a small self-analysis. It would be helpful to figure out the actual situation and means to come out of it. Reflect on issues like whether you are sticking to your original plans or you had wasted too much of time in a particular sequence or you had spent too much time and energy on trivial issues.

Life can be made easy and pleasant with proper time management. It would be made possible to carry out other important task that which was once not been able to during the earlier plans. With proper time management you would be able to take care of your personal health and fitness, which has become a crucial thing in a days agenda and spend few minutes with your elders. Without teasing yourself, time management helps to accomplish many things especially studies that once wasn't possible amidst other agendas.

For effective time management during college days it is good to shun away unimportant tasks immediately to provide time for the urgent ones and bigger ones. The effective way to handle big assignments is to break the task into smaller tasks and reviewing it through. If you are in the most crucial phase and you have urge to spent time with your friends and tend to take things too easy, reflect a moment, and realize that you are in the most important juncture of shaping up your future. It is the important point in your life to take a decision, although you want to spent those moments with your friends but take a firm stand, as your academic works also requires prime importance. Set up good, proper studying skills so that you would be able to use your time effectively and at last be the best in and out of the college for effective time management.

The best way for time management is to listen carefully while class is going on, taking proper notes in classes, preparing for test and all these should be balanced well with other social agenda plus some personal time.

To have a glories life in College one must be effective time management person,patient, flexible, sensitive, determined and an attitude to learn new things.

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Never lose your cool, as the situation gets more complicated, instead take a short break and carry out a small self-analysis.

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