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7/15/2015 2:08 PM


It is very much important for students to improve their reading skill. Reading is one of the most important skill a student needs to have, no matter which career they select to pursue, they need to read well and read quickly. Students must develop this skill before completing primary classes, as good reading will form an excellent foundation for better and faster learning process.

If this foundation is not built strong in the primary classes then learning at higher studies would be more difficult, however it is still possible to develop this skill in higher classes provided only if working on it constantly and over a sustained period of time.

Anyone starting late (even after high school) to master these skill cannot just start to read fluently. They need to go through every stage by stage to improve skill: first novice, beginner, intermediate and then to advanced levels. Finding some quiet time is highly important, because students and almost everyone these days are moving fast in the most swiftest manner and or otherwise hyperactive It is extremely imperative to maintain patience to progress from one stage to the other.

Moreover, apart from putting in hours of reading practice, it will take months and years to read fast and fluently, as it is not overnight affair. Here are tips for students to build a solid reading skill.

Reading materials: Read whatever interests you. It could be small news or few lines of the things that interest you likes sports, adventure, fitness or amazing information. Once more opportunities are created to read, they will build their skill much faster, than they would if they only focus on reading during their literature classes. It is important to be highly patient while going through initial phases. As for more number of days and hours spent, the understanding level will too low. Then as they progress understanding will improve and it’s to develop other skill like pausing at punctuation, quick writing of comprehension and speed of reading.

Read aloud: It is good to read aloud to someone who can correct your right pronunciation and other mistakes. Next, listen to some sort of English news channels that you can follow. Selecting the right channel is more important as some newsreaders are too fluent and difficult for students in the initial phases to understand.

Difficult words: To improve reading skill Mark the hard words and find out it’s meaning. Find out its usage in day-to-day life. But, you must use it with care. As sometimes, it will carry a different meaning and put you in trouble.

Write: Initial phase on the improving reading skill students need to practice writing small assignments like a few quick sentences about their families, about a recent vacation or about their favorite subject. Students in the intermediate and advanced stages should write essays in varied subjects ranging from one page to three to four pages.

Casual reading: Apart from school literature, students should read some good books or magazines of their interest. It is a simple truth. The more students read, the more reading skill will improve. Try to buy material that's truly of personal interest, as that will drive them to read more and improve their reading skill.

Get enrolled in a library: Students make sure to register in a library and make it practice to go once in a week. When involved in small or big project, students need to make use of the opportunity to read about the entire assignment. Books contain information that they need to learn, and the more they read and explore books, the better they will become in improving reading skill. Without improving reading skill, further learning process would certainly be tough.

happy wheels 8/4/2018 3:29 PM
How long does it take to complete this article? I hope you continue to have such quality articles to share with everyone! I believe a lot of people will be surprised to read this article! Thanks for your post!

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