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Posted By : Raja Rajan
12/30/2014 11:06 PM

Education to pivotal in deciding the progress of a nation. Experts speak about the need of Education for practical needs, and holistic Education. Education which does not care about creativity is of no use, Education focusing only towards commercial requirements will not contribute for real growth of a country. Efficient human resource can be achieved only by providing free Educations. Government is supposed to take up the complete control over Education and it is the absolute duty of Government to make Education reachable to every individual. Government already provides Education free of cost to all the economically backward. But, what's wrong if Government takes up even paid nature of Institutions? It is obvious the private Entrepreneurs' in the field of Education, is highly self controlled and they converted the Education as a hundred percent commercial product. The word "sales" is something unfits the services of Education.

Changes and Modernization in Education is the order of the day and it should go in line with development of an individual and the country.

Updating of Education takes place in the form of new concept introductions, changes in the syllabi and in the modes of operation.  Recently, the present Government speaks about New National Policy keeping one of the main focus of the language formula.

Educationists, Academicians, Educational Institutions are anxiously awaiting to know the methodology of introduction and the contents of the New curriculum.

At this Juncture, Dr. Daresh Kapur, Director of Centre for the advanced study of India at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert on human capital, Diaspora and political and economic change in developing countries defined Narendra Modi Governments Education Policy is "disappointing and makes one apprehensive".  Dr Deresh Kapur is of the opinion that higher education is something to be controlled and centralized.

He viewed against his expectation that this Government may do better, but it is disappointing.  He responded to the question in an Interview to "The Hindu" that Modi's Vision of taking the country forward is not possible without right human capital.

He said that the higher Education, is amidst political conflicts in India, and he said Modi is also continuing the same track.  He commenced about Modi's efforts to entertain Indian Diaspora in India's development may be possible in private sector, but not in public universities.  To achieve this, Dr. Devesh Kapur says that there must be radical changes in higher Education.

He observed that Higher Education in India has been destroyed by Indian academicians and politicians equally.  So, he added in higher Education Diaspora’s rule is very difficult.

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