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Posted By : geetha ravichandran
3/30/2012 2:18 PM


ISAE, located in the centre of European aerospace industry, promises the best of studies in aeronautical engineering. Studying aeronautics abroad has always been a dream for me. So after I finished B.E in aeronautical engineering I wanted to do master's in the field. Studying in India gave me a lot of theoretical knowledge, and I wanted to do a master's course along with technical training. So I started searching for a foreign university which offers both, in the field of aeronautics.

 I chose to pursue Master's in Helicopter Engineering at the Institut Superieur de l' Aeronautique et de l' Espace (ISAE), located in Toulouse, France. This is a pioneer institute and ranks top in Europe in the field of aeronautics. It offers five-year graduate courses, Master of Science (two-years), Advanced Master's (one-year) in all areas related to aeronautics.

 Basic French knowledge is an added advantage. The Alliance Francaise Institutes offer French courses and also help in getting scholarships and visa in French universities for its students. After I opted for the one-year advanced master's in Helicopter Engineering I pursued four-months of French course in Alliance Francaise, Chennai.

 The course follows a non-semester pattern and includes six-months of theoretical education and five-weeks training at Eurocopter, the world's leading manufacturer in helicopters. This is followed by a six-month internship programme at a university or in any aeronautical industry. Subjects are taught by experts and officials who are currently working in the particular field. There are many aerospace companies in Toulouse which offer paid internships to ISAE students.

 I have finished my six-month theoretical classes and five-week training at Eurocopter and I feel that this mode of teaching has given me a great exposure and a chance to meet all the experts in this field within a short span of time. The faculty members at the university are excellent scholars, student-friendly and ever ready to offer you guidance.

The job opportunities are extremely wide and the premier recruiters are Eurocopter and Airbus. The campus is vast and boasts of necessary study facilities. The Supaero hostel accommodation costs less and the student canteen provide all kinds of French food. The hostel also has provisions for self-cooking for international students and the necessary ingredients are available at the nearest stores. I prefer self-cooking as the local food is less spicy.

 Known as the pink city because of its pink buildings with many historical monuments, Toulouse is an awesome place to visit and live. But the winter here is extremely cold, and this year the temperature dropped to -15 degrees. So winter clothes, warmers and cold-resistant jerkins and shoes are a must. Many Indian students who have studied at ISAE are working in France. They have created Facebook communities to guide new students.

The writer is persuing Master's in Helicopter Engineering, Institut Superieur de l' Aeronautique et de l' Espace (ISAE), Toulouse, France

 courtesy: The Hindu

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