Soros Reproductive Health and Rights Fellowships

Scholarship For:

Research in abroad

Scholarship Field:

Health, hygiene, and human rights of women.

Scholarship Sponsor:

Soros Reproductive Health and Rights.

In the year 2002 the Soros Reproductive Health and Rights Fellowship came into being by the joined venture of Open Society Institute and Columbia University. The problem of women exploitation humiliation and poor reproductive health is increasing day by day. The foundation aims to sensitize people about the condition of the women and their feeble and under privileged condition in the society. The aspiration of Soros foundation is to provide fellowship to those altruistic scholars who want to emancipate women and provide them honorable and humanitarian position in the society. The foundation also aims to highlight other issues of the society like health, hygiene, and human rights of women, equity, environment protection, social welfare, and reproductive health.

Eligibility for the Soros Reproductive Health and Rights Fellowships:

  • Candidate can be of any nation, race, religion, origin, sexual category, and community.
  • Candidate should hold a under graduate or graduate degree.
  • Candidate should have zest and enthusiasm to create novel and innovative techniques that could improve and develop the condition of women and conquer the obstacles that could hamper the progressing operation.
  • Candidate should have dedication and devotion for the emancipation of women.

Value of Scholarship

  • The candidate gets an opportunity to meet and interact with international scholars and enriched and stimulated by their thoughts.
  • The fellowship inspires scholars to create innovative and practical techniques that could enhance and improve the position of women in the society.
  • The program is designed to research, analyse and implement the advanced progressive reproductive and health and women’s right policies in all the countries of the globe.
  • The other topic on which program focuses are social, economic and political travel development.
  • The scholar also learns how the demographic trends influence the areas of employment, family support, social welfare, gender equality etc.
  • Candidate receives an imbursement of 50% of the salary during the fellowship period along with travel expenses which will incur in the New York City meeting.
  • An amount of $35,000 is awarded to each deserving scholar

Duration for Soros Reproductive Health and Rights Fellowships:

Candidate can avail the scholarship award for a period of 12 months.

How to Apply for Soros Reproductive Health and Rights Fellowships:

Candidate should submit a resume or curriculum vitae. Candidate should submit a document stating the requirement of the Fellowship and how does it help him/her in their career and in the future with the carefully filled application form.

Contact Address Soros Reproductive Health and Rights Fellowships:

Wendy Chavkin
Professor of clinical Public Health
60 Have Ave B3
New York,
United States of America 10032
Telephone: (212)304-5220
Fax: 2120305-7024

Contact Address of Open Society Institute

400 West59th Street
New York,
 USA 10019
Telephone: 1-212-548-0600
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