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Research in abroad

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Studies in Italian Renaissance

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The Harvard University for Italian Renaissance


Florence, Italy

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Villa I Tatti is a gift to the people of Florence and passionate researchers of Italian Renaissance by Bernard Benerson who came to live in the Villa in1900, devoted his whole life in the study of Medieval and Italian Renaissance. He was a great critic of Medieval and Renaissance Art and willed his estate and entre precious collection of books and photographs and creation of art to the Harvard University. I tatti provides a relaxed conducive atmosphere to the scholars to research and write using different methodological approach and encourage the fruitful interchange of ideas.

Eligibility for Scholarship in Harvard University Center:

  • Candidates can have nationality of any country, race, religion, origin, color, and gender is also not an impediment.
  • Candidate must hold a Ph. D or an equivalent doctorate. She/he must have received her/his recent degree within ten years of the proposed date of the scholarship
  • Candidate must be conversant in either English or Italian and able to understand both languages
  • Candidate should not have any obligation, not even part time

Value for Scholarship in Harvard University Center:

Harvard University Center provides its candidates who are interested in doing post doctoral research work in Italian Renaissance, the benefit of Benerson library which has outstanding collection of books and periodicals providing comprehensive coverage of middle ages and Italian Renaissance. . The work of the founders of I Tatti, Bernard and Mary Berenson, and of other influential scholars and cultural institutions of the twentieth century is also present. It has important repository of Italian Paintings and drawing. Fellows will enjoy lunch on week days with an opportunity of living in Villa. Candidates can have nationality of any country.Scholars get a chance to study about Italian renaissance and get the advantage of repository and museum studded with historically precious Italian Paintings and drawing and books of many renowned authors.

Duration for Scholarship in Harvard University Center:

Candidate gets the opportunity to conduct his/her studies and other privileges for a period of only 1 year.

How to Apply for Scholarship in Harvard University Center:

  • Each year experts of selection committee meet in Cambridge to select fifteen candidates.
  • The selection committee pays special attention to the candidate�s curriculum vitae.
  • Candidate has to submit a project representing advanced research in the Italian Renaissance and describe how the work embarks on a new project of Italian Renaissance.
  • Three confidential letters of recommendation on the institute letterhead and signed by the scholars who know him well should be sent directly by the recommenders and should arrive by 15th of October.
  • The deadline for form filling is 15th October and by the beginning of February of every year.

Scholarship Amount:

Scholar gets a cash award of 50,000 $ in the scholarship program.

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Scholarship in Harvard University Center
Fellowship Program
Harvard University
University Place
124, Mt, Auburn Street
Cambridge, M A 02138
Ph: 617-496-8724
Fax: 617-495-8041
Email: [email protected]

Contact Address in Italy:
Fellowship Program
The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies
Via di Vincigliata 26
Ph: +39055603251
Fax: +39055603383
Email: [email protected]
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