Howard Chapnic Grant

Scholarship For:

Degree in abroad, research in abroad, Certification and other training in abroad.

Scholarship Field:

Photojournalism and Allied fields like editing, management, research, education, etc.

Scholarship Sponsor:

W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund.


The Howard Chapnic grant was established in 1996 by W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund to pay tribute to photographer Howard Chapnic for his auspicious contribution in the field of photojournalism. Howard Chapnic Foundation aims to patronize such devoted and dedicated aspirants who want to engage themselves in laudable endeavors to bring a societal change and bring a fresh lease of life in photojournalism. W. Eugene Smith Memorial was established with an aim to motivates and encourage the independent voices of the photographers who want to reveal the factual image of the fashion and economics of modern world.

Eligibility for the Howard Chapnic Grant:

  • Applicant should be a photojournalist or experience in photography with a passion and dedicated compassion for photography.
  • Applicant should be interested and enthusiastic to bring a constructive change and reform in the society by the virtue of his/her photography.
  • Applicant should have zest and desire for making expert images of interesting subjects and present it in a more significant way.
  • Applicant should be willing to participate in a research work with a devoted group or undergo internship with an individual or organization.
  • Applicant should have flair of portraying factual images of the subject devoid of any inflection.

Value for Howard Chapnic Grant:

  • Candidate gets the financial freedom to carry out or complete major photographic essays during the scholarship period.
  •  Foundation offers a chance to deserving candidate who posses morality and conscientiousness to explore and report upon aspects of the contemporary world that are of significant importance
  • Candidate gets a golden opportunity to discover more in the field of photojournalism like editing, management, research, education, etc
  • Only one candidate gets the benefit of this grant every year.

Duration for Howard Chapnic Grant:

Scholarship is provided for a period of one year.

Scholarship Amount: Candidates get an award of $5,000 in the program.

Howard Chapnic Grant:

  • Candidate should send a resume of educational and professional qualifications.
  • Candidate should send evidences demonstrating his photographic ability and submit between 20 and 40 images.
  • Candidate should send an application stating the significance of his proposed project. A panel of experts judges the project to select the deserving candidate.
  • The expert selects the candidate who has flair of portraying the contemporary problems of the civic world with an art of portraying its remedial measures also.

The deadline of submission of application is 15th July.

Contact Address:

International Center of Photography
1133 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
Email: [email protected]

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