Merit-Based Scholarships

Scholarship For:

Degree in abroad.

Scholarship Field:

Humanities, Performing arts, etc.

Scholarship Sponsor:

Institute for International Education of Students IES.

IES was founded in 1950 with the name of Institute of European Studies but in 1997 it was given the name of Institute for International Education of Students. In 1950 starting with 20 U. S. college students boarding it has now grown to 5,300 students annually with more than 95 programs in 34 countries. The foundation provides global platform to talented and deserving candidates and helps them in their advance education in their relevant field like humanities, business, and politics etc. It provides a unique pathway to the skilled and confident students who not only want to get excellent academic achievements but cultural immersion also. Foundation has dispersed its blessings to more than 60,000 students of the world.

Eligibility for the Merit-Based Scholarships:

  • Candidate should be accepted to and enroll in an IES program.
  • Candidate should attend a college or university that is a Member or Associate Member of the IES Abroad Consortium
  • Candidate should achieve cumulative GPA of 3.3 (out of 4.0) required.
  • IES Abroad offers internship or field placement opportunities in the following disciplines:
    • Art/Theatre
    • Education
    • Law
    • Social Organization
    • Business
    • Government/Politics
    • Science

Value of Merit-Based Scholarships:

  • IES award not only gives overseas experience but enhances him/her personally, professionally, and academically and supports his/her endeavors.
  • The only motive of IES award is to offer its students outstanding academic options coupled with everyday opportunities for cultural immersion
  • IES thus has contributed immensely for the development of scholars who showed zest, enthusiasm, and passion for advanced education in their relevant fields and added a luster of humanitarian spirit to their education.
  • Chicago-based IES Abroad foundation enrolls the students with an aim to broaden their perspective and cultural insight through immerse living and education.
  • Candidate receives an award of$3,000 for the semester and the year long program.

Deadline for the submission of form for fall session is 2nd May and for the spring session is 25th October.

Contact Address :

IES Chicago 33N. LaSalle Street, 15th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602-2602
Phone: 1.800.995.230, 1.312.944.1750
Fax: 1.312.944.1448
Email: [email protected]
Scholarship Website:

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