Leakey Foundation Grants

Scholarship For:

Research in Abroad.

Scholarship Field:

Archeology, paleontology, environment, morphology, behavior and ecology of apes and other primates and psychological make-up of the hunters.

Scholarship Sponsor:

Leakey Foundation Grants.

As the name suggests the Leakey Foundation Grant was named after eponymous Louis S. B. Leakey who was the pioneer of study of human origins and made tremendous impact on the prevailing conception of early humans with his theoretical and paleontological research. Grant is open to scholars and scientists who want to pursue and reveal the hidden secrets concerning evolution of homo- sapiens, primate behavior, morphology, ecology, endocrinology, genetics, and other relevant field. Leakey foundation aspires to patronize research activities of the candidates that unveil the mysteries of evolution of human race.

Eligibility for Leakey Foundation Grants:

  • Applicant can be a birth of any nation, origin, religion, color, and gender.
  • Applicant should be armed with doctoral degree in Anthropology, Archaeology, Paleontology, or allied subjects. Established scientists can seek for Leakey Foundation Grant. The undergraduate and high school students are not eligible to apply for this grant.
  • Applicant should be affiliated with an academic or research institution because this fund is not awarded to individuals.
  • Applicant should have passion, dedication, and devotion to conduct research on the origin and evolution of human race

Value for Leakey Foundation Grants:

Scholar gets an opportunity to discover the hidden secrets of human origins, primate behavior, morphology, ecology, endocrinology, genetics and isotope studies, paleoanthropology, and studies of modern hunter-gathered groups.

Scholars get a grant of $3,000 to $13,500 during doctoral study while larger grant of $22,000 is awarded to postdoctoral students or senior scientist. Amount of fund depends on the expenditure borne by the candidate for conducting the research activities of the project. The value of The Leakey Foundation is that it provides its candidates an opportunity to increase scientific knowledge, education, and public understanding of human origins, evolution, behavior, and survival.

How to Apply for Leakey Foundation Grants:

  • Applicant should send original completed formal application to the Foundation
  • Applicant should send a copy of the application to the host sponsor and home sponsor for signature. The formal letters of support copy with signature should also reach the office by the deadline.
  • All the applications should be in English.
  • There are two deadlines for the submission of application:
  • For the spring semester, the deadline for the submission of application is 5th January and the notification is by 15th May.
  • For the fall semester, the deadline for the submission of application is 15th July and the notification is by 15th December.

Duration for Leakey Foundation Grants:

Period of grant varies with the program chosen by the scholar

Contact Address :

The Leakey Foundation
1003B O'Reilly Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94129-1359
Telephone: (415) 561-4646
FAX: (415) 561-4647
E-mail: grants@leakeyfoundation.org
Scholarship Website:www.leakeyfoundation.org

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