American Society of Travel Agents Scholarship

Scholarship For:

Degree in abroad, research in abroad, Certification and other training in abroad

Scholarship Field:

Travel industry

Scholarship Sponsor:

American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)

American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) is the world�s largest association of travel professionals. ASTA exists by the participation of travel agents and the companies involved in the travel industry. ASTA was established in 1931 by the name of American Steamship and Tourist Agent�s Association. Currently ASTA members are spread in 140 countries across the world. The David J. Hellissey Memorial Scholarship is given in the memory of Joseph H Hallissey, son of ASTA�s past chairman who has done remarkable research in the field of tourism.

Types of Scholarship

  • Professional Development Scholarships.
  • Research Scholarships.
  • Non- Travel major Scholarships.
  • Travel and Tourism Degree Scholarship.
  • Opportunities for international internship

Eligibility for the American Society of Travel Agents Scholarship:

  • Applicant must be a permanent U. S. resident.
  • Applicant should be entering or working in the travel and tourism industry.
  • Applicant should have successfully completed the certificate program.
  • Applicant should posses an unblemished character and display right attitude and initiative.
  • Applicants are reviewed and selected by the Tourism Cares Academic Scholarship Selection Committee.
  • Scholarships are given for graduate, under graduate , and professional development internships

Value of Grant:

  • American Society of Travel Agents Scholarships is given to the candidates who want an opportunity to develop and expand their interest and talent in the career of tourism.
  • It provides its candidate a chance to gain the national credentials and market potential needed to successfully build his/her professional career.
  • ASTA provides its candidate professional education activities and courses that focus on the latest trends and research.
  • Candidate gets an opportunity to work with other ASTA�s Research Department of other nation.
  • The main aim of ASTA is to promote travel agents, travel industry, and travelling public.
  • The benefit of ASTA is that it is a non- profit organization and provide aid to more than 20 scholarship fellows.

Amount of American Society of Travel Agents Scholarship:

Candidate gets an award of $1,000-$1,500 in the program.

Duration of American Society of Travel Agents Scholarship:

Internship Period, working hours and the date of commencement depends on the internship program chosen by the candidate.

Application for scholarship must reach to the following address by the 27th July. Nominations will be declared in October.

Contact Address:

ASTA Foundation Inc.
1101 King Street
Suite 200, Alexandria
VA 22314
Scholarship Website

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