Awis Pre Doctoral Awards-For the Benefit of Women

Awis Pre Doctoral Awards

Awis Pre Doctoral Awards are the part of Awis Kirsten R Lorenzen Awards which was established in the year 1971 by the Association of Women in Science. Awis Education Foundation was formed in the year 1974 with the main aim of receiving and awarding donations. It also includes Lorenzen awards which are a scholarship program of graduates who have studied with the main subjects like physics, geosciences or geophysics. A sum of $1000 is awarded each year to 5-10 Awis graduates. This award is available only for female undergraduate and pre-doctoral students.

Awis Pre Doctoral awards are for those graduates students who have applied for PhD candidacy. This award was initiated by the Awis at the annual general meeting of the American federations Societies for experiment Biology. This award is for those females who have decided to make her career in STEM fields. This award also includes:-

  • Amy Lutz Rechel award- This award is for that student who is in top position in plant biology.
  • Louise Meyer Schutzmeister Award- This award is for those students who advanced to PhD candidacy and studying Physics as the main subject.
  • Ruth Satter Award- This award is for Brilliant students who have left their study of PhD program, in between for 3-4 years because of their family problems.
  • Diane H Russell-This Award is for Brilliant students in biochemistry and pharmacology

Eligibility for Awis Pre Doctoral Awards

  • Female students who have enrolled in behavioral, life, physical and social science which leads to PhD degree may apply for Pre-Doctoral Awards. In application form all the necessary details are required to be filled. In order to apply for the award applicants should clear their departmental exam which is done in order to qualify this exam.
  • An applicant for Pre-Doctoral Award requires minimum 2 years to complete the degree. In case of applicants for Satter awards, they are eligible to apply in any year, including their first year. Candidates already appeared for the exam is not eligible for applying second time. Candidates applying for the awards should be the citizen of America from the college or university from United States.

Criteria for Evaluation

Reviewers considers the following point for Evaluation

  • Academic Achievements-They are considered for performing well in academics along with outdoor sports, music, social service and other extracurricular activities.
  • Research work- How Candidates have been performing in their research work regarding the research questions they have addressed, about the quality of work in research.
  • Contributions-Candidates who are potential for future contribution towards research work related to science and engineering area.

Usage of Pre-Doctoral Award

Pre-Doctoral Award is useful for

  • Paying Tuition fees
  • For getting better House Facility
  • For buying important books
  • For Conducting research work
  • For travelling along with Publication and Registration expenses.

Summary-Pre Doctoral Awards are for those Female Graduates who are in junior college having the main subjects of physics, space physics, geosciences or geophysics and who are interested for building her career in science field along with research and teaching work.

This award is also very useful for the candidates in terms of education where he will bear her tuition fees, goes for better house facility, buying all the important books which are very costly related with program, for conducting research work and for meeting expenses like registration and travelling.

They have been good in their academic achievements and should conduct a research work in planned manner with main contents of quality and quantity. The eligibility criteria of this award is flexible it changes according to time.

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