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Posted By : Soumya Dixit
6/9/2020 3:32 PM

Ethical Hacking is one of the most important domains in cybersecurity. This is involved in finding out the breach and vulnerabilities in any network system. Ethical hacking comes for the legalized hacking process where hacking is done for any organization. An ethical hacker can also be known as White Hat Hacker.

These days people are more interested in becoming Ethical Hackers as it is in demand as a career opportunity. Some other reasons are like,


  • Recognized throughout the globe
  • Well paid profession
  • Exposure to cutting-edge hacking technology
  • A chance to learn and fight cyber crimes


To become an ethical hacker you must have some good programming skills such as Java and Python. Basic knowledge of networking will be an added advantage for joining any Ethical Hacking course. Only upon achieving the certification in Ethical Hacking issued by EC-Council someone will be recognized as a certified ethical hacker.

Ethical Hacking Procedure:


  • A preliminary survey is carried out on the task
  • The process of enumeration and scanning
  • Then access must be established with the affected system
  • This access need to maintain until the problem is resolved
  • Tracks must be cleared
  • Finally, the reporting part needs to be done


The mentioned steps come within a cyclic process which will get continued until the network issue is rectified. More online videos and tutorials are available online to clear every doubt about Ethical Hacking. So Now its time to become Certified Ethical Hacker without any further delay.

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