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Posted By : Dereck Madstone
4/15/2020 8:04 PM

The agreement provides the travel industry's global ecosystem with the ability to offer enhanced customer authentication and fraud prevention without negatively affecting the payment experience. The European Central Bank estimates that Europe suffers from ?1.3 billion of card payment fraud on the Internet each year. Therefore, the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and the Technical Regulations (TRS) govern what is known as "enhanced customer authentication" (ECA), which will introduce two-factor authentication for most electronic payments in the European Economic Area (EEA).

On this basis, Amadeus has collaborated with CyberSource and ip-locations.org, Visa's payment management platform, to provide the global travel industry with a wide range of advanced fraud and payment management capabilities.

Preparing for secure customer authentication From the outset, this collaboration will help travel agents prepare for the SCA, to reduce the risk of fraud and minimize the potential impact on the customer experience by introducing two-factor authentication.

The STRs indicate that, for most electronic payment transactions within the EEA, the payer will need to prove his identity by at least two of the following methods

- Something known to the payer (e.g. by pin number)

- Something that the payer has (e.g. via a sim card or mobile device)

- Something specific to the payer (e.g. by fingerprint)

And to support SCA compliance, CyberSource's Secure(3DS) 2 3D authentication solution is being integrated with the Amadeus payment platform. The 3DS 2 solution includes significant enhancements that lay the foundation for travel agents and their banking partners to implement the SCA, without affecting the speed and simplicity of the payment experience. Specifically, the implementation of 3DS 2 involves the following Travel agents and banks handling payments will be able to exchange significantly more data, which promotes improved risk assessments.

This can help reduce the number of cases where travelers have to use two-factor authentication, resulting in a smoother payment experience Native support for authentication from the application on mobile devices (available from version 3DS 2.2) Ability to request specific exemptions included in the SCA requirements (available from 3DS 2.2) Justin Fraser, Director of CyberSource Europe, comments: "The travel industry, like many others, is facing a new era marked by new technologies and regulations.

This is coupled with the development of consumer demands, which expect to be able to carry out their interactions and transactions with ease. It is essential to be able to provide a seamless payment experience while meeting new regulatory requirements and providing effective fraud and authentication management.

Travel agents who have implemented the right technologies will be in a unique position to optimize waivers under the SCA, manage fraud and ultimately meet travelers' expectations for simple and secure travel payments. Bart Tompkins, Managing Director, Payments, Amadeus, added: "In a world where payments are increasingly made via mobile devices and travellers expect to be able to make payments with a single click, it is critical that travel agents have the full experience in mind when implementing the SCA.

He continued: "By working closely with the CyberSource team, we are committed to delivering the benefits of the new 3DS 2 protocol across all our solutions and the wider travel ecosystem, laying the foundation for simple and efficient two-factor authentication by leveraging innovations such as biometrics. Overview As part of Amadeus' payments offering, CyberSource's wide range of authentication, fraud and payment management solutions will be made available to the global travel ecosystem.

Proper fraud assessment helps provide travel agents with the confidence to apply the various exemptions under the SCA, which will put them in a better competitive position. CyberSource's fraud management capabilities are supported by the machine learning inputs from billions of Visa and CyberSource transactions each year, which provide increased accuracy and reliability.

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